In Profile: Yoni Healing

Experienced Yoni healer Kavida Rei talks about how she came to work with this most delicate and powerful area of the body, and how it is the key to unlocking orgasmic life for many women.

Kavida Rei

Kavida and her partner Roland

“The Yoni – mysterious, delicate, spiritual gateway between infinities, sensitive, alive with conscious intelligence, shy, powerful, nourishing, fluid. These are words and phrases that spring to mind when I think about the Cave of Wonder.

I had already been a healer, bodyworker and counsellor for many years when I discovered Tantra and gradually began to incorporate it into my practice. Even though I was clear that hands-on Yoni (and Lingam) healing was a crucial component in overall sexual healing and rehabilitation, I was nervous to approach this rather intimidating area. Going in that deep seemed like a huge responsibility!

Slowly I began to create a gentle healing method, practising first on willing, Tantric girlfriends, experimenting to find the most effective way of setting the Yoni free and unblocking sexual energy. The methods I devised, from a combination of personal experience, physiological knowledge and a large dose of intuition, seemed to not only heal and revitalise the Yoni itself, they also liberated women emotionally and psychologically, empowering us to step forward confidently in the direction of our dreams and desires. We were able to contact and utilise our true feminine power.

With the aid of a pendulum I found a technique to unblock and balance the chakras (a technique I learnt from Sarita). This was an important part of the healing process. When all the seven main chakras are spinning, life-force, or sex energy can flow up and down the sushumna (central channel). Connecting the base/root chakra (or Yoni/Lingam) with the heart chakra is essential for a fulfilling sexual union. One example of the importance of chakra balancing is that when a woman is relaxed and open in her second chakra, or lower belly, only then will her Yoni be receptive and welcoming of attention. All of these factors and more are vital in attaining sexual bliss.

After a year I began to offer these methods professionally, and have worked with many women in ‘reclaiming’ their Yonis and setting themselves free. I would not have been able to do this kind of work had I not been in a relationship with a devoted, Tantric partner who was worshipping my own Yoni on a regular basis. We are constantly exploring the possibilities of my Yoni’s ability to experience pleasure; how it, and consequently I, can become more alive, receptive and ultimately more orgasmic. For example, I only learned how to ejaculate in recent years and this was due to Roland’s unwavering patience and his fascination with the whole phenomenon of amrita (female ejaculate).

A master lover isn’t one who simply has good ‘technique’ for pleasuring their partner sexually – although this is obviously a key component.  They must also possess the ability to be utterly present (this really means being in a state of meditation) to their partner and his or her needs in each and every moment. So girls, some advice: if you’re looking for a partner and you meet a religious man, run a mile. But if you meet someone who worships in the Great Temple of Yoni (especially yours) grab them and make the most!

A man needs to be blessed with humility and wonder and a desire to romance his lover on a regular basis. Nothing less will do if one wants to unveil the great mystery that is Yoni. When a woman feels loved and most importantly relaxed, her yoni will open and reveal its infinite magnificence. Naomi Wolfe, in ‘Vagina’ talks in depth about the Goddess Array – a complex network of nerves in the Yoni that informs the autonomic nervous system and the brain. But the bottom line is, a good feeling in the Yoni will result in a good feeling all over. It’s as simple as that. Life force energy is sexual energy. An orgasmic body equals an orgasmic life.”

Love Kavida


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