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If one partner has their Kundalini awakened, does it matter if the other person in the couple does not have their Kundalini awakened? And, is it preferable if both partners have their Kundalini awakened or can love melt any differences in their energy levels?



Dear Ina,

This is an interesting question! For Kundalini to be awakened, it implies that the partner who has such awakening is already a deep meditator or has had a near death experience which has provoked Kundalini Awakening. Another possibility is that one partner has been initiated in Tachyon and is wearing a Tachyon Vortex Pendant, which will automatically nurture the opening of the whole chakra system, thereby provoking Kundalini awakening. (I teach Tantac in Belgium on 17-21 June 2015, together with David Wagner – contact:

If the other partner has not had such an experience but is attracted to someone who has, this probably means he or she would like to open themselves to such an experience. And it is possible they are seeing the lover as an initiator into Kundalini awakening. If the initiator is happy to be in this role, then why not? However, the person who has not had the experience will still need to do their own work on themselves to open the flow of life force energy in their chakra system. Meditation is the master key which opens this flow!

If both partners have an awakened Kundalini, it is good to remember that there are different degrees of awakening. One person may have had a satori, ie a small glimpse of enlightenment, while another may be residing in that blessed state. I have heard Osho say that if someone is in a lower state of consciousness, the one who is more advanced should never allow themselves to be pulled down, but rather should endeavour to invite the other one to ascend. It is the responsibility of all awakened ones to love and nurture the awakening of those persons they come in contact with. I use the word nurture, because each person awakens at their own pace and this path should never be forced. It is more of a seduction or an invitation rather than a forced maturation process.

When I had my first satori, I was informed by my guide that even though I had experienced awakened consciousness, I should never advise or help people unless they themselves asked me to be of service in this regard. This is an important commandment and one I have been following ever since.

If both partners are equal in their Kundalini awakened state of being, then they will be able to access profound Tantric states of ecstasy together and feel as one soul in two bodies. And if partners are in love and would like to move into Kundalini awakening together I highly recommend the Soul Mate Tantra Training as the best support on the planet for this. When Love is the guiding force, everything become possible. When we see our Beloved with the eyes of love we are in essence seeing them in their already awakened God or Goddess nature. And when we combine this with Tantra Meditation, it is the fast track to awakened consciousness for both partners.

We live in an ocean of love.

Kundalini awakened states are a way of recognising this.


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