Inspirational Book – Hidden Mysteries

This small book, translated from Hindi, is a real jewel. Each page has exciting, esoteric revelations about sacred spaces, sacred architecture, occult sciences and mystical secrets. Much of the information Osho is divulging has never been revealed in the public domain before, but was kept as closely guarded secrets to be delivered only to adepts. The worldwide scope of the information he is offering shows us how vast Osho’s wisdom is, covering a wide array of esoteric understanding from various mystical traditions, including, Hindu, Jaina, Sufi, Buddhist, Zen, Tibetan and more. It was well known in Osho’s community



that he delivered much more esoteric discourses when speaking to an Indian audience in Hindi. It is said that Osho’s spoken Hindi was so masterful that those listening would go into rapture just to hear the sheer poetry of his turn of phrase. So it is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity to read this translation into English of these astonishing discourses.

A quote from the book reads:

“The Ganges does not flow like any ordinary river from a mountain; it has been made to flow. This phenomenon is not easy to grasp. Gangotri, the place where the Ganges is said to have it’s source, is a very small point and is not the real source of the Ganges. The real, always needs to be protected, hidden. What is there is a facade. Pilgrims go there, make their salutations, and then return home. The real Gangotri has always been hidden and protected for thousands of years. It is not possible to reach there by ordinary means, but only by astral travel. It is not possible to reach there with the physical body. –In meditation the physical body has to be left behind and then the astral body can go to Gangotri; then and only then one will understand the secret of the special qualities of the water of the Ganges. That is why I said it cannot be proved. There is no way to prove it. At the source from where the Ganges flows, its waters have been treated alchemically.”

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