My journey from Sex to Superconsciousness

When I first attended the Sex to Superconsciousness, Chakra 1 workshop, little did I know that this journey would heal, expand and improve every area of my life.

This first weekend in this series of groups was very much about mapping the state of my sexual energy and work on kundalini awakening. I was guided to work with de-conditioning and energy stagnation and then feeling how quickly healing and release happens, giving place to self-acceptance and



celebration. Some of the structures are quite innocent and playful and if you dare to dive totally into it, the benefit happens instantly and you find yourself in the most liberating and joyful moment of your life. Then I experienced self-love and peace within, like after a storm. I understood and felt immediately the expansion and spaciousness described in the meaning of the word Tantra.
This a series of 7 weekend workshops, in which you explore each of the Chakras in sequence. It is not necessary to attend all of the weekends but better if you do and you will then also receive a certificate of attendance.
And what is the certificate for? Well you might use it as “a pick up line”. It works! When I mention Tantra, people become very interested and sometimes I get a vibe from men who imagine that I know all the positions of the Kama Sutra.
And, by the way those positions are not just about people having sex. They are actually meditation practices in which the raw energy of sex in tune with a meditative state is refined to attain its ultimate potential. We learn how to transform and use this energy, not just be open to it.
These weekends include every aspect of your life. I can say that before this series my life was a pile of problems to be solved, anxieties from the past and fear of the future, but now it’s more like a flow of synchronicities, one event leading to another in a playful evolving way. I feel I’m evolving, growing, living a life, not having to go through life.
Everything has changed in my life since then: my self-love and relationship to my body and consequently my relationship to others, to lovers and the world around me. My relationship to my material foundations, money and housing has also changed for the better. My boundaries are clearer, I’m stronger, I feel empowered, more independent, I have more guts and assertiveness in my actions.
I get so much honest and loving attention from men. I have beautiful encounters with women in the same spiritual search. I’ve finally anchored my meditation practice and care for my body and my environment. Life flows… and it flows, because my energy flows in the entire chakra channel.
I know the transformation Tantra has brought to my life and this is what I want to share with you. By ‘transformation’ I don’t mean there is something wrong with you and you need to be transformed.This transformation happens in the form of ‘peeling’ out layers of social masks, so you can reveal your true, beautiful essence.
The feeling I’m left with, after my Tantra journey, is of ‘having come home’, home to the real me, the one I was supposed to be at birth. This series is like planting seeds in all areas of life. I no longer need to ‘rush’ after life, because life carries itself. My trust in life is rooted.
By the end of the Sex to Superconsciousness series, meditation has become such a revelation! It’s no longer something I do, rather it’s a state of being that gives me great pleasure. I now enjoy the depths of silence and darkness and find myself doing many daily activities in total darkness like having a shower; when the sense of seeing is weakened then the touch of the water caressing my body is so much more pleasurable and sensual.
This is the impact the Sex to Superconsciousness series has had on me.
I invite you to take this journey yourself!
Dhyandeepa and Suta will hold you in a safe and nurturing space where you can explore the energies of the 1st Chakra. Both have trained with Sarita and are accredited by her to facilitate this series.

Click  Suta and/or  Dhyandeepa to know more about them.

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