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The Debate

Throughout the whole of human history one of the recurring themes is the debate over ‘Good’ and ‘Evil.’ At different times and in different places, the faces of Good and Evil change but the primary question remains ever present; why this constant tug of war between these two forces? What is it in the human psyche that demands these two qualities are ever present in our societies? And has there ever been a society, which was simply, ‘Good?’
In Tantra, one of the main consciousness practices is to discover the magical alchemy that happens when we bring any two opposites together. This blog explores the interplay between Good and Evil and how we can find the nectar hidden in these powerful forces.

Word Play and Persecution

It is interesting to do word play. For example, if we look at the word God, backwards, it becomes ‘Dog’, the humble follower and companion of humanity. Evil written backwards becomes ‘Live!’ And indeed, in some religions, our version of God is simply a replica of human foibles; a humble follower of our persecutionown lopsided ideas about right and wrong. In many societies, the ones labeled as ‘evil’ were actually those who were most alive, and therefore not good followers of a repressive societal structure.
An example of this is the widespread burning of ‘witches’ in Europe. Witch in its original meaning is ‘wise woman’ and usually denoted a healer, midwife and counselor. These women were branded as ‘evil’ by the Inquisition.
Another example was the widespread murder of Tantra practitioners in India by the Shankar Acharya, religious head of Hinduism. People who practice Tantra discover how to plug themselves directly to source and do not need spiritual heads acting as a go-between. Tantrikas are free as the wind and to an overbearing regime, this appears to be dangerous.

Cowboys and Indians
In my childhood, a bunch of us kids would gather to form one line of ‘cowboys’ and another line of ‘indians’. We would then fight terrible battles with each other, each side convinced the other was utterly evil. One day, someone explained to me what had actually happened with the indians, that our ancestors



came uninvited and stole the land away from the indians, gave them diseases for which they had no immunity and butchered them by the thousands. These indians were then put into reservations (another form of concentration camp), where they live to this day.
I was so shocked on hearing this that I immediately said, “I refuse to live on land that was stolen by force. When I grow up, I will either go and live with the indians and become one with them, or I will leave this country and never come back. I refuse to be part of the legacy of such violence.” By age 19, I had renounced my American citizenship.
I carried a sort of schizoid split inside, by feeling shame for my own ancestors, an all-important part of my bloodline. Eventually, through meditation and healing, I was able to make peace within myself and to feel pride for my pioneer blood, which has inspired me to conquer new worlds within and to explore the majesty of the outer world in so many varied ways.

Suspicion of those who are different from ourselves

In many cases, those deemed evil are simply people who are in some way different from ourselves. Maybe their skin is a different color, or they worship a different God or they have customs that we don’t understand. We tend to demonize what is incomprehensible to us.

Abuse of Beautiful Words Through Lack of Lived Experience
The American Constitution has been lifted almost word for word from the constitution of the Iroquois, who were known as the peacekeeping nation among American indians. For many generations they had developed an exquisitely refined code of conduct in regards to living with respect and peacefulness with neighboring tribes and the earth. Their texts were used by the founding fathers of the United States who took credit where none was due.
The fact is, the Iroquois had honed their code of conduct, from centuries of experience, passed down through their oral tradition. Each succeeding generation learned not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to move progressively forward towards the greatest good of all beings. Because the text used by the founding fathers of America did not arise from their own wisdom and experience, they were not able to pass it down in a coherent way. Thus, the beautiful constitution has been used to camouflage many twisted ways of governmental abuse. Sometimes, what appears as evil is simply human stupidity. And at other times, we may wonder if the perpetuators of various crimes against life, are really human beings at all? Some crimes are so cold blooded that they appear to us to be non-human in nature.

From Where Does Evil Spring?
We know from David Icke and other researchers on conspiracy, that horrendous abuses of the power elite have been and are taking place just under our noses. Something in us cannot really believe these revelations because deep down, we wish to imagine that human beings are inherently good and that government does iGood_vs_Evil_by_Saibelndeed have our best interests at heart. We are like children, who protect the abusing parent, hoping against hope that eventually we will be able to earn their love.
There is no adequate answer for the shock one feels upon learning that some people appear to derive not only their livelihood but also pleasure, from destroying life, whether that be human, animal, plant, air, earth or water. The trend of destruction has escalated to such an extent that we are face to face with the very real possibility that one day someone in a position of power may simply press a button, bringing about the destruction of all life on earth.
We may point the finger and say this is certainly evil! But the question remains, from where does evil spring? It is well known that Hitler was refused entry into an art academy, due to perceived lack of talent by the administrators. Had they known the outcome of this rejection, they may have welcomed him in with open arms!
In this sense, anyone who feels rejected or hurt badly enough is capable of what we would call ‘evil’.

Hell and Heaven: A Zen Story:

A Samurai came to a Zen Master and asked to receive clarification about heaven and hell. The master replied, “Why should I waste my time on such an ignorant buffoon as yourself?” The Samurai immediately pulled his sword in anger, ready to cut the head of the master. The master spoke with calmness and clarity, “Here lies the gate to Hell.” The Samurai understood and began sheathing his sword. “And here is the gate to Heaven,” said the Master.

The Intent To Kill
I once flew into such a blind rage that I became a murderer to all intents and purposes, even though no murder happened. I was experimenting with an ‘open relationship’ with my then husband. One of his lovers contracted gonorrhea and as a result both my husband and me had to go for treatment. As we were entering the clinic for treatment, the woman in question was coming out! I was engulfed by red, then black rage, and hurled myself at her with the intent to kill. Luckily, some people pulled me away before I could do any damage.
I then collapsed in tears of shame and guilt at my fall from grace. I had entered the domain of hell in that moment, a space where all consciousness was given over to the killing instinct. The shock that this was possible for me, a devout meditator, became a very important lesson.
Later on the same day, I was cleaning Osho’s dining room on my hands and knees, when suddenly I experienced a complete meltdown of my inner split. I realized with authentic wisdom, that “I am both. I contain both good and evil. I am the blend of the whole human being.”
My awareness expanded to become all-inclusive instead of exclusive. Simultaneously, I dissolved into the space of Satori, being one with all that is. This state of being all-inclusive, gives birth to great compassion. Having tasted the greatest unconsciousness and the healing of that into wholeness, how could I then be the judge of others who are unconscious?

Osho’s Insight On Good and Evil
Osho has a beautiful discourse wherein he tells us that good and evil do not exist in reality. All that can be said on the subject is that as human beings, we have a choice to live in consciousness or in unconsciousness. If someone does something in their sleep, which is strange, we do not blame them. We simply say, “He was asleep and didn’t realize what he was doing.” In the same way, the enlightened ones say to us that we are creating so many painful and difficult situations in this world because we are not aware, we are living in samsara, illusion. On the cross, Jesus is reported to have said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”

Awakening From Sleep
The Kogi Indians of Columbia call the people of our so called civilized world, “the younger brother.” They call themselves the “elder brother” because they are more aware and awake, while our society is still asleep. In that sleep, we are being extremely destructive to our mother earth. They have created films to try to jolt us awake before our planet is destroyed through this unconsciousness. They offer us a beautiful meditation with water to bring about personal and planetary equilibrium.

Brain Signals
When pondering over Good and Evil, it is helpful to realize that crimes of passion originate in the reptilian part of our brain. For some people, the cortex, or top layer of the brain, is less dominant and there may be a meltdown into the reptilian brain, the first layer of the brain. Vikings used to provoke entry into that part of the brain which unlocks the berserker mode, by using a certain type of mushroom. By taking this substance, they were able to access the drive to kill or be killed with ruthless abandon. In modern times, we know that soldiers fighting in Iraq, have been listening to extremely violent and abusive sounds and words played through headphones in order to access the desire and capability to drop bombs on innocent civilians.
There are other aspects of our brain that wish to be and do ‘Good.’ An example of this is ‘love hormones’, (oxytocin from the Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands) engulfing us with feelings of love, cuddliness and gratitude. ‘Good’ can be described as conscious, empathic feelings, whether those be directed at another human, at animals or with plants and the whole natural world.

How Meditation Nurtures Balance
By practicing both active and passive meditation, we are able to release inner stress before it becomes violence and destructive tendencies and to live in tune with a loving way of life. Having the ‘fight to survive’ instinct is necessary. However, when it takes over and begins functioning like an ‘auto immune disease’ a malady where the body self destructs, we need to seek radical healing and balance.
Meditation & brainAs we learn to find a dynamic balance of the energies of conscious and unconscious within, we discover that the ever-sustaining reality of this world is bliss. It is that ever-present reality that lives within the meeting of contradictions and is simultaneously, transcendental of all dual states. All else, as mystics have been telling us for so long, is linked with our unconsciousness, our belief in Maya, illusion. All we need to do is wake up from the dream! Here are practices you can do to wake up! And as you wake up, simultaneously, the world is experienced as more glowing, alive and blissful. This quality spreads as we begin sharing the knack for bliss with others.
We have seen over thousands of years that religious commandments and punishments to ‘uproot evil’ do not work. What works, are experiential practices that nurture transformation and deeply lived understanding.


Some Methods to Catalyze Awakening
1) Own the fact that you, as every human being, contain both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ within.
2) Release destructive tendencies through the practice of active meditations such as Dynamic Meditation, Chakra Breathing Meditation, Becoming the Emotions Meditation, Pillow Beating Meditation, No Mind Meditation, Lion’s Heart Meditation and Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy.
3) Practice non-judgmental Witnessing Meditation, becoming a witness of your body, mind and emotions, 40 minutes sitting with straight back followed by slow conscious walking in nature or soft dance, 20 minutes.
4) Practice 21 days of Atisha’s Heart Meditation.
Practice the Kogi Indian Meditation on Water.

3 responses to “Sarita’s Blog: Good and Evil – A Unique Perspective”

  1. Gautam Dhok says:

    This blog by Anand Sarita is an eye opener. The society especially the civilized one is living in slumber and doing harm to humanity and the earth to immeasurable proportion. Her suggestions to accept both evil as well as good and bring awareness in life by practicing meditation techniques is the practical solution to all indiciduals, societies, nations and this beautiful living earth. Please pay heed to what she offers convincingly and irrefutably.

  2. Valerie Rose says:

    Dear Sarita – How are you? (I can see that you look well!!)
    I read your blog about Good and Evil with great interest, and am moved to send you a poem I wrote in 2011, in the middle of the News of the World Scandal, when I tried to understand what was happening. I have also been collecting information for some time about the Amygdala and the reptilian brain, and how all our traumas are stored in the rear of the amygdala, but we can learn to click forward into the anterior amygdala, which is the gateway to the frontal lobes and our meditation and bliss. I have got information from the website of a guy called Neil Slade, who took over the research done by T.D.A.Lingo after the war, asking the question ‘Why must I kill my brother?’. There is various other information I have collected (From the Oneness University book for example) if you would be interested to receive it (and give me an e-mail address to send it to). I will email you my poem, THE DOMINO EFFECT
    With love and blessings, Valerie x

    • Sarita says:

      Hello Valerie
      Yes, this is so interesting and yes, I am happily printing your poem – it will appear soon on my blog. Thank you.
      Love, Sarita

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