Tribute to Veeresh by Sarita

Sarita’s tribute to Veeresh who left his body on Tuesday night, 27th January 2015.

Even though I have not seen Veeresh in years, he is still one of my deeply loved people. I really appreciate all he has manifested in his life for the benefit of so many. I always remember the first time I met him – it was in Pune 1 ashram in 1974.
Veeresh with OshoI was in a small gathering sitting in Osho’s presence, in Darshan. Veeresh had taken Sannyas by post and was meeting Osho for the first time. Osho had given him the name, Anand Anant. Osho asked him how he was and how he was enjoying the commune. Anand Anant answered that he was very happy to be here, but that there was something on his mind that he needed to clear. Osho leaned forward and listened attentively. Then he burst into a grin and a chuckle as Anand Anant spoke up in his New York Harlem accent “Thank you for Sannyas Bhagwan. You know I adore you. But Bhagwan, I just can’t get into the name you have given me, Anand Anant. It reminds me of that song, the one that goes, Na na na na, na na na na na na na na na! You know that song? I just can’t dig it, you know?” Osho laughed and immediately gave him his new name, Veeresh.

It was very unusual for Osho to agree to give anyone a new name after they had received Sannyas, so this action revealed something about their special bond, right from the beginning. Over the years, even though Veeresh was mainly in the West, not staying for long in the Commune, Osho continued showering him with an abundance of love. When I would see them together, they appeared to be like long lost friends. I am telling this story because to me it offers a quality of the eternal freshness and candour that was Veeresh. Even though Veeresh’s body has died, his effervescent spirit will continue to tickle and delight anyone who is open to him.

I remember that Osho had declared Veeresh to be one of a category of enlightened beings who out of compassion, leave the mountain top and move down into the valley to help people to find their way. Throughout his life, he stayed a lot in the valley, bringing the wisdom of his love and compassion to the shadowed areas of the human psyche. Having been a drug addict in his youth meant that when he helped people, he was sharing from his own deeply lived experience. That is why he could be so effective. Later, his work became a beacon and a haven for anyone who felt the call to awaken all that they could be through radically emotive methods. I noticed that as Veeresh got older, he simultaneously became more holistic in his approach, merging the masculine and feminine within. His has been an evolution of consciousness played on the world stage. These evolutionary steps are not lost with his death. They are our legacy.

Thank you Veeresh, for your phenomenal creativity and love. In deep gratitude, I bow to your presence as the eternal friend.

Love, Sarita

Announcement from Osho Leela Community, Dorset, UK:

We are very sad to announce that Veeresh left his body last night. He had late stage of liver cancer, diagnosed only recently. It has come as a shock to us all. With all our hearts, we send him love and gratitude for his journey into the light. We celebrate the immense gifts he has given during his amazing life, to us and so many other people all around the world.

Veeresh and his work has been the heart beat of Osho Leela since we began in 1996. The Humaniversity Training and AUM meditation have been at the core of our community and many of us are trained, loved and inspired by Veeresh and his vision for friendship.

This weekend at Leela (30th Jan -1st Feb) is a whole weekend of Social Meditations created by Veeresh and we would like to extend the invitation to anyone of you who would like to come together at this time. We will dance, hug, celebrate, cry and share our love and gratitude. You can either join us for the whole weekend or for a 24 hour coming together from 4pm Saturday ’til 4pm Sunday. Purna and Dhiraj are creating a beautiful mix of Veeresh’s work including the Sammasati meditation, Veeresh’s most recent meditation about dying and letting go.

The full weekend costs £125. The 24 hour coming together costs £50. This information is not on our website, you simply need to call the booking office on 01747 821221. With great love, Purna, Tarisha and all of us at Osho Leela Veeresh’s opening message to the Global AUM Meditation for World Peace this Sunday

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  1. Sidika says:

    Thank you Sarita for this sweet story about Veeresh.

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