Tantra Essence is Expanding

At the time of writing, I am in Osho Nisarga near Dharamsala India for the Tantra Meditation Retreat.  In this sublime setting at the foot of the Himalayan Mountain range, besides a bubbling ever singing river is a fitting place to give the good news that a branch of Tantra Essence will be opening in India.

Anahata & TanmayaTwo new members of the Tantra Essence Team, Anahata from India and his wife Tanmaya from Austria, will be offering a wide range of Tantra Essence groups in various areas in India, including Delhi and Mumbai. Both of them have been apprenticing with me for years and are now ready to spread their wings and fly, teaching people to discover the vast open sky of Tantra.

I receive many invitations from people in India who are thirsty for Tantra. Anahata and Tanmaya, are perfectly suited to this task, as they bring both Indian and Western understanding to their teachings. Once they are well established, they will be inviting me to teach with them from time to time, as my schedule allows. The name for their Tantra portal is Rasayana Tantra. The meaning of Rasayana is nectar and essence of wisdom. I am really looking forward to the further developments of their work.

To connect with and to invite Anahata and Tanmaya to teach in your area of India please contact:


www.rasayanatantra.com (in progress)

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