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In January I was in Bali, an Indonesian island overflowing with beauty and creativity. Suffused in nature’s abundance, the people of Bali have developed unique and creative ways of mirroring this through their arts.” BaliSome examples are: painting, music, dance, sculpture, architecture, weaving, Batik design and exquisite flower offerings to spirits and deities.

When I experience divine beauty, as we find in such unique areas of the world, I wonder, “Why can’t the whole world be like this?” I don’t mean to say the whole world should copy Bali. But certainly, each region can discover ways to place beauty and human happiness as the very center of our societies.

In order to achieve this, the true creative spirit needs to be enhanced in as many ways as possible. Some creativity in the world today is simply a kind of catharsis, as if someone vomited onto a canvas, or chose the ugliest possible shape and materials for architecture, as if throwing a curse on an otherwise beautiful landscape. The creativity, which nurtures happiness, is born out of a deep communion with spirit, allowing the harmony of spirit to create through us.

Examples of this kind of creativity are: Mozart, Bach, Rumi, Hafiz, Meera, Michelangelo, Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Renoir, and the list can go on and on. We need to ask ourselves, no matter what our vocation may be: “How can I leave this world a little more beautiful, and more joyous than when I came into it?”

saritaI was raised in a family where creativity was encouraged. My mother oohed and aghed over each painting I made, proudly displaying these on the wall. If I wrote stories or poems, these would also be praised to high heaven. However, there was a shadow in my family in regards to music and singing. My feeble attempts to play the violin were nipped in the bud, by various members of the family screaming, “Hey, how much longer will you be torturing us with that horrible screeching sound?”

My mother used to say: “Our family is not musical.” Or, “I am tone deaf.” Or; “Our family has no talent for singing.” I actually loved singing and used to sing at the top of my lungs when I was alone in nature and sure no one was listening. One time, in school, I got very excited because there was a ‘singing abilities’ test. All the children were asked to line up, come forward one by one and sing to the woman who was there playing the piano for us. I was desperate to be accepted into the choir, which was being formed, believing that perhaps I would be able to ‘learn how to sing.’

As my turn came, the woman on the piano played a note and waited. I didn’t understand what she was waiting for and just gaped at her.  She barked at me, “Make the sound of the note I just played!” I opened my mouth, and was so nervous with anticipation, that only a tiny squeak came out!  She cried out in disgust, “NEXT!” and gestured for me to move on. This was the beginning and end of my singing career!

40 years later, I had a dream, which changed my life. A being of light appeared in my dream and announced: “It is a great misfortune if you do not develop your singing ability. You have a special voice, which needs to be heard. Open your singing gift.”

I woke up and immediately wrote 14 songs. It was as if a dam had burst inside, and all the repressed singing ability of my entire life gushed out. As I was writing the songs, I heard the music, which should accompany them. However, I had no way to write the music since I didn’t know how to read or write musical notes.  I thought to myself, “These are powerful, and one day I will do something with them”. And then I put them in a drawer. Sometimes I would take them out and read them and occasionally, more songs would pour through me, which I would add to the drawer.



Then, last year, my singer friend Amiya, who had listened to some of my song poems while visiting me in my home, asked if I could write songs for her upcoming album. I told her I had no idea if it would work to write songs by demand, but I was willing to try. She gave me a list of subjects, and I went for it. Mysteriously, even though I have no musical training, I was able to immediately write the songs, simply by asking spirit to deliver the songs through me. Subsequently, I wrote about 20 songs for her and she then put these to music for the wonderful Amiya Inspiration ‘Goddess Project’.

We both got very excited by this unfolding of events. Subsequently, she gave me singing lessons so I could melt my conditioned belief about not being able to sing. The way she teaches is extraordinarily uplifting. Under her guidance, I am able to compose songs on the spot. While singing, I experience full body orgasm. It is one of the most ecstatic experiences I have ever had, to just let rip, and soar like a bird into the center of sound. Hear two of my recorded songs arising from my singing lessons with Amiya. I am shy about sharing these, as these are my first forays into singing! But I feel it will be healing to let my nightingale out of the closet!

The Amiya Inspiration Goddess Project involves the production of an album and also a series of live shows, which promise to be real extravaganzas with live music and singing, extraordinary dancers, exquisite scent created especially for the show by an aromatherapy expert, and magnificent costumes to delight the eyes. All of this is in service to celebrate and awaken the Goddess in all women.

Tallin,  March 2
Salme Culture hall
Salme tn. 12,
Tallinn, 10413

Ryga, March 5
Koncertzāle Rīga
Zinātņu akadēmijas lauk. 1, Rīga

Vilnius, March 9
Compensa concert hall
Kernavės g. 84 , Vilnius

It is simply miraculous to continue nurturing new discoveries in creativity, no matter what form this may take. And it is never too late! I heard about an old people’s home in the UK, where the elders improve their health and well being by being invited to follow their dream that they have not yet lived, no matter what that may be. For someone this may be skydiving, for another bungee jumping, or walking in nature, or learning a musical instrument.  For example, my mother did paragliding at the age of 86.

I believe human happiness opens like a flower when we allow ourselves to live the creative talents, which lay dormant inside us. It takes courage to move against the values of society or family to follow our dreams.  Sometimes, the creative forces within are not talents that will bring a lot of money or prestige. These talents may simply bring more joy to our lives. And we need to allow ourselves to take that risk, to really live what we came to be and express in this life.



In Ubud, Bali, I visited some extraordinary resorts made from bamboo. Even in my wildest dreams I never imagined such exquisite architecture could arise from bamboo. And it is not only the shapes, but the vibration of being in bamboo buildings which literally soothes the soul. In one place, called Bamboo Indah they demonstrate the immense creativity, which is possible when love is put into action. They made a series of bags with different variations of rubbish in them, with information on how much money could be made from each bag by recycling it. One bag had cans, another glass bottles, another paper, and another plastic bottles, and so on. These formed an informative decoration at the entrance of the magnificent bamboo reception building.

The former Mayor of Curitiba Brazil, Jaime Lerner, transformed Curitiba from an urban nightmare into the world’s greenest city. Poor people lived in what was basically a big dumping ground near a filthy disease ridden swamp. The situation looked hopeless. It took him 5 years to turn it around. How did he do that?

He taught the poor people that it would be more lucrative than stealing, for them to collect garbage and sell it as recycling. He then dredged the swamp, and created a beautiful lake. Soon the former slum became a gorgeous park. The mayor also established smooth and regular public transport and introduced no car zones thus freeing the city of pollution.

Creativity doesn’t have to be something grandiose. It is a state of being which finds its way to flow into action. I have an artist friend, Shivananda  add link to his site who lives in Corfu, Greece. He gathers small smooth stones on the beach, paints them with gorgeous scenes or sacred geometry and then sells them for 20 Euros each, as holiday mementoes. He also holds singing and painting workshops where everyone has the opportunity to finally paint the masterpiece that has been gestating within.

Organic Village BaliWhile in Bali I went on a tour and by chance, stumbled on a phenomenal expression of creativity in a mountain rice-growing region. A Dutch woman who is a marketing expert, married a Balinese man. They bought land in a small village of rice farmers and started an organic farm. The villagers were very poor and many young people were leaving for the city. The Dutch woman and her husband began a scheme of training the villagers how to grow organic crops, which sell for more than pesticide-laden crops. She liaised with chefs of organic restaurants in Ubud and got them to pre-order vegetables and fruits they would need.

She also arranged for eco tourism to come to the village with villagers providing home stay accommodation.  She opened a café run by villagers with delicious organic, vegan, vegetarian and raw food recipes.  It was so uplifting to visit this place and I vowed to come back sometime and just be in that village to soak up the super good vibes and the Shangri-La style beauty.

When we are plugged into the love current that is all around us and within us, creativity is a natural way of life. As the life-stream of creativity flows, we find ourselves thinking ‘out of the box.’ The interconnected, psychedelic nature of reality flows through us as inspiration for the upliftment of all beings.

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  1. Pascale says:

    Chere Sarita,
    What a beautiful voice you have, it is very inspiring that you are now singing. It is sad that in our Western world we don’t explore our creativity, like singing or dancing — although I believe there is a big revival for dancing classes. I feel I,too, want to explore my creativity, I know and feel I will explode when I will. Whoo hoo looking forward to it!

  2. Amila Y'Mech says:

    Beautiful post Sarita. I have been teaching my fiancee to play bass guitar and have the dream of us playing in a band together, a resurrection of a band I formed 10 years ago, Miracleworks. I too have the vision of singing the spirit just as it arises, and I do it when I’m alone and occasionally when I’m amongst the best of friends. I look forward to listening to your songs when I can do so – tonight I’m staying at my beloved disabled daughter’s mother’s place and I can’t listen as I would wake them up. I look forward to hearing them and eventually working with you, in due course – thank you especially for these words: “It takes courage to move against the values of society or family to follow our dreams.” This encapsulates my day to day reality at the moment, and I believe I’m doing just great, facing challenge after challenge after challenge, and staying above the line and occasionally really flying – thank you for your inspiration…

    • Sarita says:

      Hello Amila,
      Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoy knowing how my posts touch and inspire people. I wish you every blessing in following your dreams…As is said in French, Bon Courage!

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