The Goddess: Amiya Inspiration Project

“I’m so fortunate about the creative, spiritual collaboration and friendship with Sarita! We both have a similar vision. Music, Art, words and action should be in service for humanity, including the spiritual evolution of individuals, society and our beloved Earth!

AmiyaAs an artist and musician I see lots of music performances, art and poetry based on the ego mind; destruction, sadness and neurosis. 98 % of art transmits tendencies of an unhealthy lifestyle; greed for money and dominion over others, programming of guilt from religions, competition with each other, etc. It is sad that much of the art world is a reflection of the collective subconscious and not of human spiritual potential.

I have followed a long path of evolution and transformation through my music and spiritual disciplines. It has taken me 20 years in the music world to finally become ready to serve the highest good for humanity through my music.

At first, like most musicians, I was learning basics: what is “good” and ”bad” music, how to create & perform ”professional” music, then, how to be ”the best” performer.  I then trained how to express my voice, talent and musical intelligence to “the maximum potential” and make it successful. Finally, when I became a successful professional and unique performer, I expressed all that was “me” as a creative artist…. I felt empty. I didn’t want to perform or create anything more, because all was coming from my ego and I felt it to be senseless…

Finally, I started to search for a deeper sense, vision and experience in music. I started to not only listen or produce sounds and music styles, but also to meditate with sounds. I let go of attachments to music styles, musical taste, and conceptions about good and bad music. I started to listen beyond music or text or dance or painting. I started to hear vibrations, energy and real messages of what is emanating from an artist as he or she creates. I felt, that there is a huge lack of light, peace, love in modern art. It was a strong discovery for me and helped me to give birth to the Amiya Inspiration Project.

I experience beauty, harmony, love, silence and prayer in my life, so I felt I could transmit those qualities through my music & art also. Then art could serve not only me as a professional artist but also more people by uplifting their hearts & souls.

Sarita and I had known each other for several years and had always felt a lot of love and respect for each other.  Our friendship flowed and evolved into our beautiful creative, musical journey together.

I felt a need for unique poetry for my new songs, poetry showering from source for the benefit of all beings. It was really hard to find contemporary lyrics fitting this vision. And then, by chance while visiting Sarita in her lovely house in France, in a cozy open hearted setting, she read and sang her poetry to me. I was totally amazed and impressed!!! It was poetry of Enlightened Love and carried deepest Tantra teachings in every phrase. And not only this….her poetry is also exceptionally talented and beautiful, so creative!!! I was surprised that she kept these poems in a drawer and rarely shared them with anyone.  I immediately felt these poem songs should be accessible to millions of people all over the world! They are a beautiful, real transmission.

Later, in India, during our Ayurveda Panchakarma Retreat, Sarita accepted my invitation to join the Amiya Inspiration Project as a lyrics writer.

We are both so excited about this development, and the Amiya Inspiration & upcoming live show “The Goddess”. So now….poetry and music, which were created as a way of being in service, being a pure channel of universal love, will soon be heard in theatres, radio and TV stations, on CDs and more.  The more people come on board the Goddess Train, the faster this transformational music and message can spread. We look forward to hearing from you about how you like our songs, and maybe seeing you at one of the Live Shows.

More information  (including information about Sarita’s role and contribution) can be found on the project website

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