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Love is of course a mystery, coming from we-know-not-where, rising and falling as it pleases; but the more consciousness we can bring to the proceedings, the better. Now, for the first time in history, lovers can access a blueprint showing how the relating can be best understood and conducted; or indeed whether the affair is worth going into at all.

Human DesignHuman Design is a revolutionary new way of seeing the human; helping our experience of our daily lives be relieved of much confusion and wastage of energy. For Tantric partners, this can be a godsend. We are interested in consciousness above all things; it is consciousness that brings love; and Human Design helps us be very much alert to ourselves, the other’s right to be themselves; and the constant flow and change of energies.

Ra Uhuru Hu, the Canadian dropout physicist who channeled Human Design in the 80’s, says, “When I get to be myself, and you get to be yourself, that is love.”

In this blueprint, which uses astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system, and the human genome, we can see each person’s inborn intimacy style; how they might behave in many different situations; what is their best way to make a decision…and much more. When we put two charts together for a couple’s reading we can see what precisely are the attractions and how they might play out. We can see what the inevitable difficulties will be, the learnings; and how to make them more aware.

And most of all, how can a relating best respect the inviolable differentness of each person? For the freedom to be oneself is the true basis of love.

By giving space to the uniqueness of each person, blame, anger, resentment, and many expectations simply fall way.

MadhuriI have been working with couples as a psychic and metaphysical therapist since the late 80’s. Human Design came into my life in 1997, and eventually Tantra, Human Design, and Intuitive Reading all came together in the work I do now. I experienced a beautiful 7-year Tantric relationship in which Human Design was the great relaxant, shall we say; it relaxed me to let the other be himself, and then to observe minutely just what occurred between us. And I can say that it is possible to experience a relating full of grace and respect, when you have this heightened awareness of the nature of each of the partners.

I very much enjoy doing these readings for couples – such a lively field of play! It is a joy to give each person back to themselves, and then explain precisely what the dynamics are and how, in particular, communication can be furthered. Different people have different ways of making decisions, and this too is brought into the light.

These sessions can be done either as a package of three: one for each of you, then a third for both together — or all in one more condensed session. This longer session will be nearly two hours; the others are about 1½ hours each. A few days before the session I would need birth information for both people: date, month, year, place, and exact time of day or night. I also like to see a photo of each person.

You will want to record the session; most people do this on their phone. I also email you your charts.

To book, email me at

Metaphysical Therapy Arts on FB has a list of sessions.

By Ma Prem Madhuri

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