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While teaching Tantra all over the world, it is a delight to meet gorgeous, meditative and vibrant people who show all the signs of growing into amazing Tantra Teachers. Anahata and his wife Tanmaya are two such radiant beings. It has been my privilege to nurture their talent and enjoy their flowering. In this blog, they share about their process of growing into successful Tantra Teachers.

SARITA What surprises me, is that many applicants for the Teacher’s Training are young people under 30, who say things like: “I have been researching the profession which will be in tune with my life path. I want my work to be aligned with my passion for life and simultaneously to be in service of the best for humanity. After much research into myriad possibilities, I have decided that being a Tantra Teacher will be the best career choice for me.”

I feel deeply privileged to witness this amazing shift in the collective mindset, that so many young people are waking up to the multiple gifts Tantra has to offer to individuals, to couples, and to society. Eventually, I hope we will be able to manifest a Tantric ‘Bliss University’ where young and old alike can learn the arts of human fulfillment and happiness.

Anahata Shares His Journey:

I am writing this blog after my trip to Samothraki, one of the most beautiful Islands of Greece. This island is full of rivers, mountains, forests and greenery. The island used to be a sacred site of Goddess worship during pre-Christian times and still carries a powerful sacred feminine vibration. I have had amazing adventures climbing, swimming in rivers and jumping from cliffs into icy pools so am full of vitality and vigor. The adventure of growing into becoming a Tantra Teacher is similar, in the joy and adventure of jumping into the unknown, facing challenges, and discovering pure bliss!

In 2010 when I left the Osho community in India, it was clear to me that I would like to teach Tantra. At that time, I didn’t know how, when, where but knew that I had prepared a solid foundation through deep meditation and sincerity in self-evolution.

AnahataI moved to Europe, knowing that the renaissance of Tantra is happening in Europe rather than in India. I entered into the Soul-mate Training for couples, (taught by Sarita and Suta) together with my wife Tanmaya. This training is done in 7 levels and takes 3 ½ years to complete. Couples Tantra is to me one of the most exquisite ways to embody Tantra in life. By the middle of this training I felt ready and enthusiastic to share Tantra with others but I couldn’t bring my experience into a form that I could explain to people. The Tantra Teacher’s Training offered by Sarita and her Team, came at just the right time for me.

The Tantra Teacher’s Training has an amazing format. This training is based on a Tantra journey through the chakra system. We spent one week per chakra, first diving deeply into the chakra, as participants (so as to embody the experience) and thereafter, teaching from what we experienced. A fascinating part of this training is to learn how to work with co-teachers. Understanding how to give space to others and how to weave my teaching through collaboration is an exquisite art that needs time and practice. I feel this art is essential in teaching Tantra, as in many lineages, Tantra is facilitated by Male and Female co-teachers.

Before this training, I already had experience of working with Sarita in Tantra groups. Slowly, I came to understand the more subtle and multidimensional aspects of offering the Tantra Transmission. A Tantra teacher is an artist who knows how to tune into each sense. For example, Group Room decoration plays a very important part of any workshop. The Group room should be able to open all 5 senses in such a way that participants become receptive for the teaching.

I was amazed to experience the details of this training. We were asked to give talks in front of a video camera on various subjects. It gave me so much insight about myself in terms of my body language, tone of voice and each minute expression that shows if I am confident in what I am saying, if I am speaking from my own experience or just repeating something like a parrot. This is a key element for me. Teaching from what I have experienced, rather than what I have read or heard.

I have met many beautiful, sexy, adventurous fellow Tantra teachers during this training. We were a group of people full of passion and fire. It brought me back to my true self, no matter whether it was light or darkness. This is the reflection I need from people around me.

Teacher Training 350When I look back on my life journey so far, from a boyhood of being raised in a rural Indian village with no running water, to a corporate executive to an Osho Sannyasin and Meditator to Tantra teacher, I start laughing! My heart feels relaxed that my flowering has taken this form. My soul calling has been heard by me and by existence. I am teaching Tantra from a space of gratitude and overflowing Joy of being alive and living what existence wanted me to live.

The moment I got aligned with my soul calling to teach Tantra, I started feeling that all missing pieces were coming together in a perfect symphony. I feel blessed that I found such an exceptionally amazing Teacher as Sarita, a mind blowing Tantra Teacher’s Training and afterwards, proposals for teaching started flooding my life in an unimaginable way. Now I am teaching Tantra all over the world and my teaching is appreciated for its quality, depth and expression of Tantra in its purest form. I am living in a state of gratitude each and every day as I follow my soul’s calling.

I offer here some insight that will help anyone who would like to start teaching Tantra. If you feel that your heart is aching with a longing to embody and teach Tantra:

• Ask yourself why you would like to be a Tantra Teacher. Be very honest with it. It will reveal the seed of your desire. This desire may change with time. However, being aware of your true intention is the fuel that will keep you going.

• Create a deep foundation in Meditation. No matter what tool or technique you practice, at the end you should be able to hold the space of silence and awareness especially when your students are going into deep emotions or sensuality.

• Start to learn the language of polarities. Tantra is known to weave Yin and Yang in such an exquisite way that they both merge into oneness. So become aware of your own masculine and feminine aspects.

• Find a Tantra teacher that resonates with your heart. We all have an innate capacity to find out what is good for us or not. So don’t compromise by going into any workshop that stimulates you for a few days. Once you find a Teacher then start drinking from his/her well of wisdom. Feel grateful each time when you receive a pearl.

• Dive deeply into intimate relationship. This creates a great opportunity to live our deep-seated emotion that can only be accessed when we have an intimate mirror. Without this, we may always be afraid of our hidden fears. If we are afraid of any aspect of sexuality, love and relating it disempowers us to stand and claim our space as a Tantra Teacher.

I wish for this Earth, Mother Gaia to become Sensual and wild again. Tantra is an invitation to rediscover the wild harmony of our natural being.


Tanmaya Shares Her Journey

Quantum Evolution

tanmaya portrait closeup filterIn May 2015 I joined the two year Tantra Teacher’s Training with enthusiasm and also with some anxiety in my belly. I was wondering, “Am I really ready to jump into being a Tantra Teacher with all that entails?” I was raised in the countryside in Austria and after my studies in the performing arts with an emphasis on theater, I found myself in the Osho Community in Pune, India. I completely immersed myself in meditation and therapy and from there followed the calling of my heart into a deep Tantra relationship with my beloved, Anahata.

It was already clear to me that I am passionate about Tantra, as over the course of the last 4 years I had attended many workshops and deepened my meditation. Through immersion in Tantra I experienced so many blessings in my life and this inspired me to want to share Tantra, but somehow I didn’t feel empowered to simply begin teaching. I was not sure how to go about conveying my experience to others or how to help them transform.

At the start of the first level of the training, after the introduction round of all participants, it was crystal clear to me that this was an extraordinary gathering of extraordinary beings. Our experience levels and personalities could not be more diverse but there was something common and one in all of us. I could see sincere passion for Tantra in everybody’s eyes, a desire for learning and expansion as human beings. We came from 16 different countries and yet this quality of oneness was very apparent.

Journeying with this group of people over the last 2 years has been a rare gift. I received so many opportunities to evolve and grow, ever learning and drinking from each other’s varying talents.

The Sex to Superconsciousness Training is based on the Chakra System of 7 Chakras and is divided into 7 levels, with each module dedicated to one chakra. During the Tantra Teacher’s Training, which is modeled on the sex to superconsciousness map, we got to experience each Chakra as a group by simply being total in our process. We could totally forget about becoming a Tantra teacher and just dive into inner transformation.

Afterwards everybody got different tasks in teaching the chakra workshop we had just experienced. This is an absolute fast track to grow, embracing experiential learning as a tool to evolve.
The flowering I have witnessed in my fellow travellers and myself is almost indescribable. I have seen genius become visible, hidden talents bursting forth and wholeness in each person being established. I have seen quantum leaps in each and every person.

All this is only possible because as a group, we were in deep trust with each other and with the process itself. Learning is most effective in the fertile soil of trust.

tanmaya workshop 2I have always been looking for a way in life, where I can explore and live out my versatility. I feel like a tree with many branches. By living and teaching Tantra I discovered that I can be as multidimensional as possible. There are so many tasks and talents required; from interior designer, technician, florist, to orator, actress, motivator, counselor, Mother, DJ, master of meditation, sexual therapist, and uttermost, to be the divine feminine, a Goddess…..

Being confronted with different learning situations, where I had to go deep inside myself and access my deepest wisdom as well as growing up to the challenge of manifesting my creativity in so many dimensions, has prepared me very well for the actual teaching experience.

When I am teaching a workshop now, I feel prepared, equipped and supported. What I am teaching is deeply rooted in my own experience, which I gained during the training, while attending and teaching each of the chakra modules. I can relax into the process and be open to bring out my inner genius, trusting that I can respond to whatever comes.

The biggest teaching for me is that I am a vehicle, a conduit, making transformation and healing available for the participants. What is left is gratitude, again and again.
Om Namah Shiva!

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