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I get many requests from parents who would like me to teach Tantra to their teenage children. They invariably say, “If only I had access to what we learn in Tantra groups when I was a teenager, I could have saved myself so much unnecessary suffering.”

It is unfortunate that the present educational system has many blind spots when it comes to educating teenagers on the subject of sexuality. Sometimes 1707there is a glimmer of hope that things may be changing, such as the revolutionary addition to French sexual education, revealing to students the true size, shape and scope of the clitoris and the clitoral network, thereby debunking erroneous information that has been around for hundreds of years.


However, pornography use among vast numbers of kids as young as 10 years of age is on the rise, with detrimental consequences. Porn imagery shapes our world in so many ways, none of them being positive. Young girls are feeling obliged to go for plastic surgery to shape their vaginal lips or have breast implants in order to mimic porn stars.

Many young boys don’t even know what a real Yoni looks like and have no idea how a woman’s pleasure functions. Girls feel obliged to perform sexually, just like they have seen on porn sites, bypassing their own natural sexual responses in favor of being demeaned into a sexual object pumping away for the goal of the ‘money shot.’ Romance, tenderness, sensitivity and love are becoming obsolete in a world dominated by a mentalized porn based sexuality.

And even more alarming is the fact that 50% of young male porn addicts become impotent by the age of 20.

(Watch the Ted Talk below to get a clear idea of what is happening to mind and body through porn addiction.)


What is needed to counterbalance this growing trend is a sane education based on Tantra and Meditation. Young people can be educated to genuinely love their bodies and to understand how a woman’s body or a male body functions in terms of sexual attraction and pleasure. They can learn about and experience the chakra system, Kundalini energy, conscious touch and loving conscious communication. Teens can learn, even before having sex, how to care for their body in the interest of maintaining health and joy for a lifetime.

Parents tell me they leave my book Divine Sexuality around the house, hoping their teenage kids will pick it up and read it. Certainly this will offer a glimpse into the marvelous world of Tantra and sacred sexuality. And, a more experiential approach is also needed.

I hope that forward thinking organizers will become inspired to invite me or people from my team, to design and teach a special Tantra group for Teens. Such a group will help teens to grow into happy and radiant adults. What a support this will be in creating a sane and balanced society now and in the future!

Marga Ranjana, from the Tantra Essence Team, shares her experience of teaching Meditation and Tantra inspired subjects to teenagers in Chile.

Meditation for Teenagers at School

‘This year I have been working with teenagers, in Santiago, Chile. Antilhue School (Sunshine Place) invited me to share Osho´s meditations with the students. They are almost finished with their education in the school and are preparing to go into university and from there into the world as adults. The ranjana-1age range of the students is seventeen or eighteen. They are living a very strong transition in their life with a lot of new challenges. Sometimes, parents and teachers have high expectations for their future; they are expected to get good grades, planning a respectable career, and so on. They want to please their parents. However they often do not know what career to choose or what to do with their future life. They Feel insecure about the possibility of taking a wrong direction.

Adolescence is a very delicate period in life, teenagers are insecure and vulnerable and may try to cover this with a cool or indifferent attitude, but under this everything in them is changing; body, emotions and mind. They are looking for their own identity and they want to explore life in different aspects. This is the time when so much is happening inside them. This is absolutely natural and right. They should be allowed and helped to change and explore life before they become mature and adult. They will start settling by the time they are 25 years of age. So, It is very important to let them experience and choose instead of of condemning them.

Care givers and educators have a responsibility to offer a wide range of experiences which will help teenagers to choose their life direction with wisdom and discernment.

One of the experiences which is vital for a life of inner peace, wisdom and ranjana-2happiness is Meditation; this is something new and exciting for them. Meditation helps them to release the stress and the pressure on their shoulders, plus giving them happiness and self-confidence in their talents. Through meditation a positive direction is available for them and they can experiment and understand different options in their journey into maturity, using their energy to create a good destiny and life.

In Antilhue School I say to them that meditation is an option not an obligation, they are free to take part in the process; most of them want to do it, because they discover benefits after doing it. They are innocent, they want to receive support from the adults, and it is our responsibility to create a lovely and safe space for them to become empowered on this new step in their life.

 Teenagers and sexuality

During adolescence the hormones related to the endocrine system is one of the big changes in a teenager’s body; sexual desire arises. They want to explore and experiment with their sexuality. Each teenager has their own rhythm to go into sexual exploration and they may need time and learning before feeling ready for sexual relationships. If they feel repression, condemnation or pressure to be overly sexual before they are ready, these energies will create tensions and anguish in them.

Sometimes adults have a fear of allowing their young to experiment freely with their sexuality. However, nature’s demands are there, so it is important to understand that sex is natural; if you want to support your young the first thing is don’t deny it, don’t reject it, and don’t repress it.

They need same-sex role models, who trust in them and give them guidance when they feel insecure or confused.  In my own experience, working with teenagers, if they do not have the trust and support of parents, adults and teachers, they will learn through pornography, films, magazines, or from perverted sexual role-models.

Currently, schools have sexuality teachings where they cover biology, anatomy, contraceptive methods, how to use a condom, and so on, and these topics, of course, are absolutely necessary to have a responsible sex life. But in this way, sex could become cerebral, and enters in their head instead of their own sexual bodily experiences.

It is important to recognize that young adults are so alive, feeling high sexual energy, and this energy is beautiful. It is our task as adults to teach them to create a friendship between sex and body to elevate the stream of sex energy to something higher, such as the meeting of sexuality, love and meditation. This is an evolution, a journey to go into maturity. Through such experience, they will not be stuck only in sex as adults.

Tantra for adolescence is required in the society to help our young to live their sexuality freely, without the shadow of guilt. Through conscious sexuality, they will grow in love and intimacy in their journey to become adults.

My Tantra Experience as a Young Adult

I was lucky when I started my journey toward conscious sexuality. I met Osho, my Spiritual Master, when I was 17 years old, in 1988. So, I had the opportunity to develop my sexual exploration practicing Osho Active Meditations, taking part in therapy workshops, and dancing a lot. This helped me to be in touch with my body, heart and spirit, learning to access states of inner silence, and follow the rhythms of nature.

dsc00502I made love the first time with my Sannyasin boyfriend, Vikrant. We were in love, doing meditations and therapy workshops together. I could experiment with sex, pleasure, love and awareness as one. Actually, what I am teaching to teenagers is part of my own experience as an adolescent, then as an adult.

I have been practicing Osho meditations and therapies since 1988, and eventually became a Facilitator of various Personal Development Techniques. In 2011 I met Sarita, who refined my Tantra experience, teaching me the essence of what Tantra is, giving me the Tantra Transmission.

Since 2000, I have been running Personal Growth and Tantra Workshops all over the world. It is a beautiful experience to work with a range of people from different continents. I have learned by this experience that in love we are all one. There is nothing more healing than love. Divisions and boundaries melt. I experience the oneness of love as Mahamudra, The Ultimate Orgasm, The Orgasm with the Universe.’

Love, Ranjana


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