Double Bonus This Month – Two Recommended Sessions on the Subject of Relationship

I have been greatly helped on the issue of relationship over the years by my Sister Madhuri’s Human Design readings. Human Design gets to the core of whether you are compatible with a partner or not. In case there are any glitches in your relationship, it will give you very precise answers in how to bridge your differences and create harmony and understanding with your partner. Madhuri can do sessions by skype.

 Human Design and Relating

From Bewilderment to Understanding

 By Ma Prem Madhuri

Human Design is a revolutionary new tool for awareness, for self-realization; readings are done using a chart printed out from one’s birth information, as for astrology; but though HD incorporates astrology, it also uses the I Ching, the human genome, the chakra system and physics. I have been into Human Design since 1997, and have been giving sessions for a dozen years. One of my favorite parts of this is working with couples or would-be couples.

We all know how confusing relationships tend to be. We are trying to be intimate with a stranger…and so often we love them for their differences, but then end up demanding they be more like ourselves. So, very often, love moves over into blame, and when the relationship ends we have made, instead of a deep and lasting friendship, an enmity.

Human Design can cut right through all that by showing us two things: How different we really are; and how to relate in such a way that that difference is respected and each can continue to be themselves. Ra, who channeled and then developed this method, says, “Love is when I get to be myself and you get to be yourself. Anything else is just a form of torture.”

I would say that relationship without Human Design is like a sailboat without a rudder. It just flops all over the place and is beaten up in every storm. With HD, each person has their own inner compass, and there are simple guidelines for how to relate to the other beside you.

HD is such that nobody can digest everything at once….It is your very life, and the richness of life. So I do notice that clients will fasten on a certain aspect of the reading that speaks to them right now; and they begin to experiment with it. That is exactly the right way to go about it…Then at another time some other focus will become relevant.

HD can also show us where to keep going with a relationship and when it might be time to give up and pull out; not because someone is at fault, but simply because the chemistry isn’t right between them. Nothing personal; it just doesn’t work.

For example, I was once in a difficult relationship with a younger man, an Italian. Perhaps we have all experienced this sort of thing: we kept ending up in bed together, and yet I did not enjoy his company the rest of the time! I wanted to leave, yet I kept coming back for more. When, many years later, I got a chance to see the designs, there it was: the Intimacy channel bound us together as an Electromagnetic. But nothing else was harmonious. I could now stop beating myself up for the whole story…how I had hung in with something so obviously wrong. There was chemistry for, in other words, and chemistry, against….the relating. By seeing the designs I could distance myself from all of that. And since then I have been able to resist the siren call of that particular Electromagnetic with other men when I saw that in other ways the relationship did not suit. Previously I would have chased and insisted and seen the thing through to the bitter end. But why go on doing that life-long?

One of the great tools HD offers is communication assistance: instead of telling each other what to do, we are, most of us, much better off asking and being asked. Asking gives respect…telling does not. But the whole world is giving orders to each other…”When you go to the store, get some orange juice. And coffee. And get me a Vogue magazine too.” But maybe the other isn’t in the mood right then….and will thus forget something. Or crash his bike on the way to the store. Being asked gives room to feel your body’s own true response.

If I am in the market for a relationship, certainly I want to see the chart of the person sooner or later; because this way I can avoid wasting time and energy waiting for the togetherness to sink or swim. If there is a spark worth fanning, what are its pitfalls? What is likely to go wrong? Is it worth pursuing?

Recently I fell head over heels for a gorgeous younger man I met in a group. He had a space between his two front teeth, a thing that always slays me. He invited me to spend a few days at his house.

These days were some of the most extraordinary I had ever spent with anyone. I could hear music newly – he played Classical all day and evening, and I would sit with closed eyes just soaking in it as in a tub….touched to the core. I could feel his consciousness, acute in the room; and mine rose to meet it. I could appreciate his sense of cleanliness and order, his deep sensitivity and the beauty that glowed all round him.

When I finally saw the Designs, I had to laugh….That dear man has the Intimacy channel himself, twice over. This means that everyone feels like he is their lover! Not just me! Together we created the moodiest, most musical channel there is: Emoting. So that explained the music. And we read each other’s minds because we both had the same channel, called Genius-to-Freak, in the throat. That is called a Companionship.

But what I also saw was that there were 4 Compromises, and even had I been 15 years younger the thing would not have worked, not have lasted. I would have been drowned into his deliciousness, my own life lost; and eventually would have felt squashed, not seen; as if I could not breathe in my own days and nights….but this misery would have taken a while to show up.

So I could now let go of any residual fantasizing without regret or trouble, and just enjoy the romance-tinged friendship that has lasted ever since.

The exploration in oneself is never-ending; and so it is with others too….what a method! What a map! So very functional, elegant, and helpful…to come back to our own selves and let the other be freely themselves too.


Sessions To Help You Manifest Your Soul Mate

I have known Siobhan for 10 years and during that time have had many beauty sessions from her. (She is an amazing holistic beauty therapist!) During a phase when I had no lover, I also did her soul mate process and in due course, a gorgeous man showed up in my life and we are blissfully happy! If you are waiting for a lover to manifest in your life, who will be well matched with you, it is really helpful to do these sessions.

 Relationship Coaching: A Powerful Process To Meet Your Soul Mate

By Siobhan Schiller

Meeting our Soul Mate is the dream of each and every one of us, often our life long quest. Many of us expect faith to deliver our Soul Mate to us on our door step, whilst others lose faith and believe they will never meet theirs.

How can it be possible?

These two unique coaching sessions will help guide you through any blockages and patterns that have prevented you from finding or staying with your true love.

They will help inspire you with insight and clarity to attract and recognize what has been missing in your relationships.

How does it work?

The process begins with an hour telephone or Skype session.

You are then set  homework to do over the next 21 days.

At the second session you will meet Siobhan in person, but if distance is a problem, this too can be completed on Skype. It is then that during this one-on-one coaching session a powerful ritual is experienced and new pathways open.


“The Soul Mate sessions with Siobhan took me on a journey, that resulted with me finding true clarity in what I wanted in a partner. At the same time I started the process all unhealthy relationships finished, it was truly a miracle in such a short space of time. And now I am with my Soul Mate and happily married. A simple, beautiful yet highly powerful process, thank you”…Roxannah

“Life coaching mixed with both spiritual and ritual processes (and a little bit of magic) To facilitate and recognise and ultimately find your Soul Mate”…Sienna

“After separating from my long term partner, for the next five years I found myself unable to attract a man who was really available to me. I received two life coaching sessions from Siobhan on the subject of attracting a partner who is the right match for me, the ritual that Siobhan talked me through has clearly broken the pattern around whom I was attracting into my life. I am now happily in love with a man who loves me and I now recognise that he has the qualities that I always needed”…Hannah


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