Worshipping Your Body As A Temple

This is a body Puja. It has the power to completely transform your life, to help you see and experience the divine as an ever-present reality within and without, above and below.
Create a sacred space where you will remain undisturbed. Wear a sarong. You may like to have very sweet music playing, natural non-chemical incense burning or alternatively to use essential oils in a burner. You can light a candle and it is important to have nearby in one or more bowls:


Flowers (a bowl of rose petals works fine) or otherwise some marigold flowers.

Coconut oil

Sandalwood paste or turmeric paste which you can create by mixing the powder with a little water.

Begin in a laying down position on a massage mat on the floor.

Phase 1

Progressively make your different body parts from head to toes stiff and tense, hold this for a moment, and then let go with a deep Ahhh sound. Through the contrast of tension and let go, your whole body will feel much lighter and opened up. (The Ahhh sound resonates with the heart chakra.)

Phase 2

Now begin massaging your chakra system using a little coconut oil on each chakra and circling on the chakra as you do so, in the following order and honouring the chakra as you do so:

“I now worship the Crown of my head; Om Namaha.”

“I now worship my Third Eye center; Om Namaha.”

“I now worship my Throat center; Om Namaha.”

“I now worship my Heart center; Om Namaha.”

“I now worship my Solar center; Om Namaha.”

“I now worship my Belly center; Om Namaha.”

“I now worship my Sex center; Om Namaha.”

(Om is the soundless sound which is at the core of all life. Namah means, I bow to.)

Follow this with; if you are a man:

Om Namah Shivaya! (Shiva represents the divine masculine)

And if you are a woman:

Om Namah Paravati! (Paravati represents the divine feminine)

Phase 3)

Begin offering flowers to your body, and as you do this, with each body part, say:

(Jai means:  Victory to:)

If you are a man: Jai Shiva!

If you are a woman: Jai Shakti!

Tuck flowers in between your toes.

Tuck flowers in your pubic hair

Tuck flowers behind your ears

Shower flowers on your crown chakra so that they cascade down over your body.

Phase 4)

Take some fruits and offer these to yourself in a harmonious circular movement saying: “With this fruit offering I honour you (Oh Shiva/Oh Shakti). May these delectable fruits nurture sweetness in your body, mind and soul.” You may then take some bites of the blessed fruit.

Phase 5)

You can now lightly and gracefully stroke your forehead from between the eyebrows up to the hairline several times. As you do so, hold any thought that is uppermost in your mind and has a place of importance in your life: Say: “Sat Chit Ananda” and imagine you are offering your thought process to this mantra. Let the mantra swallow it. Keep on chanting this mantra till you feel the thought process has become clarified and you are empty.

Then, take some sandalwood paste or turmeric paste and place a vertical stripe of this paste on your forehead. This will seal the blessing of Sat Chit Ananda, which means, ‘Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.’


Hold your crown chakra and your perineum at the same time and chant Om three times. The last time, add to the Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

(Shanti means Peace.)

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