A Honeymoon with Yourself – Meditation of the Month

When we love ourselves, only then will we be able to love another. Having a honeymoon with yourself is one of the best ways to initiate and continue self-love. People often wonder how Buddha, Jesus or Lao Tzu have become magnetic forces that draw people to them, even hundreds of years after they have passed over. The answer is simple. They loved themselves so deeply that they became love itself. Because of this self love, their whole aura was full of love, and love is the most magnetic and healing force in this world. As you infuse your body and sexual center with loving devotion, simultaneously, love fills up your aura. Eventually, you will become love itself.

Schedule A Three-Day Retreat

Take time out from your busy life to be in a 3-day retreat on your own. This could be at home with all phones and electronics unplugged. Or it could be in a resort in a room on your own. Or it could be in a special place in nature. The purpose of your retreat is to be on a honeymoon with yourself.
On honeymoon, we are in a pure celebration of love, which includes sexual passion, loving communion, deep sharing, and activities which bring maximum pleasure and joy. It is a celebration of the senses and of life. People may wait for a honeymoon with someone special their whole life and some people unfortunately do it only once and never repeat it again. Honeymoons should be done on a regular basis, whether that be with a lover or with yourself. This will keep your life force energy vibrant and alive in so many ways.

Benefits of Hugging Yourself

Studies have found that when someone hugs themselves, the receptors in the skin don’t know the difference whether they have received a hug from someone else or from themselves! This is good news as it means the beneficial effects of hugging can be practiced alone and you don’t need to suffer, waiting for prince or princess charming to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Preparing for your Honeymoon

When you schedule your honeymoon with yourself, bring the power of intent to make it a wonderful experience to the same degree you would have done with a lover. If you are a woman, choose your lingerie carefully, and definitely bring that soft and silky scarf or the luxurious body butter for massage. If you are a man, make a sexually stimulating music playlist and bring a few tracks for romance as well. Shut off the computer screen and invite your inner woman to this honeymoon experience. Let her tell you exactly how she likes to be pleasured and you may have an amazing revelation. You have the potential to be the best lover in the world, with yourself and your inner woman in full synchronicity.

Designing Your Own Unique Pleasure Experiences

When you are alone in your bedroom, speak loving words to yourself, compliment your beauty, your special attributes. Have a luxurious bath, or a dance with yourself. Drink some delicious wine, or give yourself an amazing massage. Say all those love words you have always longed for from another; murmur them to yourself.
Slowly, languidly, enter into erotic play with yourself. You have all the time in the world to discover exactly what you need moment to moment. Take your erotic play out of automatic pilot and do something different. Be very inventive with positions for stimulating your body, and be creative in all the ways you experiment with heightened pleasure states. You do not have to move into a goal oriented sexuality. Let it be open ended, so that there is no time pressure or any reason to be in a hurry. You don’t have to go into orgasm and genital release in a habitual way. Maybe one time you will be erotically playing without genital release while another time, you will want to open up to this experience, really enjoying all the nuances of it.

In the Spaces Between

In between self-pleasure sessions, eat delicious and nourishing food, take walks in nature or swim in a river, lake or sea. Fall deeply in love with yourself and gradually allow this feeling to spread to the nature. If you are in a nature environment and have privacy, try going into self-pleasuring in the thick of nature. Let the forest take your cries of exaltation.
Alternate your-self pleasuring with sitting in meditation or sleeping fully and deeply, discovering regeneration for body and soul. If you are a man, when you are in the act of self-pleasure, take your time and let yourself know, that it is fine to move the energy in and up into full body orgasmic states. Take enough time building up your energy that you will be able to discover the whole body as one giant Yoni or one giant Lingam. This happens when we don’t focus exclusively on the genitals but learn how to awaken erogenous zones all over the body. Spread your pleasure throughout the whole body using breath, movement, sound and touch.

The Best Resource for a Pleasure Filled Life

This process of developing self-love may look radical to some people, and I would like to assure you, if you go into this process sincerely, these will be some of the best days of your life.
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