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Question: Hi Sarita. Please help me resolve this apparent dilemma: On the one hand we have to be in the present because the past and the future are just constructions in the mind.
On the other hand the law of attraction says we manifest what we think about strongly most of the time.

If we are intending to take a holiday in the future, it may not be a great success if we don’t make the necessary bookings now. And if we are planning a wedding, it is not usually a good idea to leave the invitations to the last minute as people may have already made other commitments.

So what to do? Do we think about the future in the present? Of course, we can visualise with strong emotions, the pleasure of swimming naked in the Aegean Sea under a glorious sun, the pleasure of touching another or of being touched, maybe we can even imagine a glimpse of orgasmic bliss.

But if we are preoccupied with daily life and the demands of present activities we may struggle to find the energy to manifest our future desires! I am imagining attending the Master Lover Holiday in September and visualizing myself, my Beloved and many ecstatic participants revelling in joy. At the same time I have had a problem with the headlights on my car which are important when it gets dark and other pressing demands on my day to day life.

What do you do personally to manifest the future while dealing with the demands of the present?


Your question is important. I well remember Osho speaking on this same question, how to plan for the future while remaining in present moment awareness? I heard him say that the future is born out of who and how we are in this moment. Therefore, if we sense into how we are now, mentally, emotionally and physically, and then, simply project this state into an envisioned future, sensing, visualizing and feeling the here and now awareness in that future possibility, and then let go and trust existence to bring what is best for our highest good, this is a good approach. In Osho’s book, My Way, the Way of the White Clouds, he also speaks of The Great Law of Magic, ‘Live the result and the cause follows.” I spoke about this technique in my past newsletter on Abundance and the Law of Attraction and will also be teaching it 3–8th October in Oslo Leela, UK in the group Tantra; Alchemy of Abundance.

In terms of how I work with future possibilities, this is a big subject and here I will give you the short answer. I practice Osho’s Great Law of Magic, of course. Also, I meditate each day with whatever is stirring in me and offer these stirrings to source. As I do this, source gives me indications, signs, inspirations, knowings and visions of the optimal direction for my life. It is as if I am walking on a country road, enjoying the journey and the beauty of nature. Suddenly, as I am walking, I come to a crossroads. There are three possible directions and no signpost. Which way to choose? With meditation, this situation is dealt with in a mysterious way; the correct direction takes on a soft shimmering luminous quality and there is an inner knowing that my direction leads this way. I trust this inner guidance. I sense it as a powerful waterfall of luminous knowing, coming from above and showering down through my central channel, anchoring in each step I take on the path of life. I trust in the mystery. To achieve this kind of inner knowing, it is essential to allow the heart, not the mind to be the master of our life. If you look at YouTube on ‘Heart Math’, you will see that contemporary studies are revealing that the heart is the higher brain within us and the brain of the head is meant to be subservient to this heart brain. The heart brain is directly connected to source, taking its cues from source.

Of course, this may look to be all gibberish to the rational mind which wants to project, plan, and reach the goal in logical steps. I see that logic and intuition are both essential and when we allow the harmonious meeting of both of these we can manifest in a flowing and creative way. This brings us to the subject of your desire to manifest a wonderful Master Lover Holiday experience with me and Dharmaraj, 17–22 September, In Corfu, Greece. There may be questions as to how to achieve this in a way that fits into the daily demands of a busy life. Sometimes, we just have to take a leap of faith. Meditate and see yourself there. If it is harmoniously in tune with your heart and soul, it will have a shimmering quality of aliveness, as if it is already happening in spirit and just has to be anchored in the physical. In that mood of joy and aliveness, book your ticket, reserve the group and trust that all else will follow. If you sense there are any stagnating energies preventing this direction, clear them with the help of spirit. Offer these stagnating energies to spirit and allow them to be cleansed, healed and melted back to source. Then allow your highest soul calling to wash through your entire body and be anchored in you. From this space, ways and means of achieving your Master Lover Holiday will be revealed to you, moment by moment.

I know this answer may frustrate the logical mind, but tuning ourselves to source is really a necessary and integral part of being in this body and in this world. It may surprise you to know that most great scientific discoveries have been found through intuitive leaps of faith and then, after the revelation, logic has been applied to discover that yes, this is the truth.
I look forward to seeing you at the Master Lover Holiday in September!

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