Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Meditation of the Month

Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Manifesting Your Highest Potential

21 Essential Angels

(This list of Angels is from the mind-blowing book, Medical Medium by Anthony Williams)

Angel of Mercy for your darkest hour or for someone who you love who is in trouble. Stronger than Archangels.

Angel of Faith as a daily practice, to keep faith flowing as you move through life.

Angel of Trust to help if struggling from betrayal

Angel of Healing for healing self and others

Angel of Restitution resolving deep seated emotional trauma

Angel of Deliverance healing from the injury of deception, such as a divorce or injustice of any kind

Angel of the Sun to receive the healing power of the sun, call on her while in the sun in order to be benefitted from sunlight.

Angel of Light for calling in angelic light, more powerful than the sun (aligned with spirit)

Angel of Water to bring more beneficial qualities to the water you will be drinking, to help water which is polluted to regain its pristine state, and to help with healing of wounds

Angel of Air will promote harmony between persons and also bring harmony to the environment

Angel of Purity helps to heal from addiction or bad habits

Angel of Fertility to help in conception

Angel of Birth to help mother and child during the time of birthing

Angel of Peace heals mental distress and brings positive transformation

Angel of Beauty helps to see the beauty of nature and of the shining soul, i.e. beauty from within helps to appreciate beauty without

Angel of Purpose to gain confidence about life direction

Angel of Knowledge helps to find the right advice for self and others

Angel of Wisdom to help in making a decision that is important

Angel of Awareness to be more in the moment and in a state of presence, and can also help others to come into the present

Angel of Relationships to help find a good match, or to help in case of difficulty in a present relationship

Angel of Dreams finding answers through dreams or being able to fly during sleep.

There are in addition to the angles listed above, 144,000 Unknown Angels: They have no name and no form, and are directly aligned with source. These are so powerful that they can help you in performing miracles.

It is important to speak out-loud when addressing Angels. It is like making a phone call. You need to dial, to speak, in order to be heard.

I have developed a wonderful way of working with this list of Angels, as follows.

As with any affirmation, it is important to speak in a positive sense. Existence does not hear negatives but only affirmative ways of speaking. Whatever you say will be magnified, so say your request in an affirmative way. As you say it, feel it and visualise it as if it has already happened.

A positive example could be: “Thank you Angel of wisdom, for placing in my path, those signs, meetings and realisations that will help me to move in a positive direction in my life.”

You would not want to say something like this: “I am really fucked up and want to get out of my horrible jobless situation so please do something angel of wisdom to make me not hate myself enough to get a decent job.”

Draw a Wheel of Life on an A3 size paper and divide it into 8 pie shaped pieces as follows:

 The Wheel of Life diagram has been offered as a technique by Anthony Robbins. I have added some subjects to make this Wheel of Life suitable for people on a meditative path.

Look at your wheel of life and colour in each section to the point where it is fulfilled. If one section is 20% fulfilled, colour it in at 20% of the section. If it is 50% fulfilled, colour it in at 50%.

Find your appropriate angel on the list, and go into a process of ‘Angel Whispering’. Do affirmations with your angels of choice to support you in manifesting the desired outcome for each section of the Wheel of life. This is powerful work, and it is essential that you are ready for miracles to happen in your life. (Ask and affirm what you can actually handle and are ready to receive.)

Keep the Wheel of Life with you and look at it at least once a week and find out if more has to be coloured in and if more angel whispering is needed.

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