Soulmate Training by Tanmaya and Anahata

Tanmaya and her beloved Anahata are Lead Faculty members of Tantra Essence and teach many varied groups, including the Tantra Soul Mate Training. Tanmaya has written about their experience, first as participants in the training, then as apprentices and finally as teachers.

Couples Tantra

by Ma Prem Tanmaya

I still remember the excitement and curiosity when Anahata and I decided to step onto the Soulmate Tantra path in February 2012, 6 years ago. From the day we decided to embark on this journey with Sarita and Suta as our teachers, we kept growing deeper and deeper in intimacy and higher and higher into love with every level of the training. Throughout the training, we could clear things, which kept us from truly opening to each other sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

Teaching the Soul Mate Training

Our journey still continues and after a long apprenticeship, I am so delighted and blessed now to be teaching and sharing this path for all couples together with my Beloved. We are happy to inspire couples with our own experience. My biggest reward is to see lovers transform so rapidly and blossom into love. I witness conflicts disappearing, wounds healing, and differences melting.

We are enriching each other’s souls and the soul of our relating

Travelling on the path of Tantra together with my Beloved has fulfilled my deepest longing of living in love, harmony, meditation and sexual aliveness together. Giving priority to love and relating including your sexuality brings immense transformation.

Tantra offers the unique gift of healing and clearing what holds us back from living our full potential and at the same time creates the possibility to experience oneness and meditation. Being on such a journey together with my partner is truly sacred and the most intimate thing I can share with another being.

Sharing emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy and spiritual intimacy allows being fully seen and present in the relating. We are enriching each other’s souls and the soul of our relating. Yes, the Soulmate Training demands dedication and commitment but giving priority to love, relating and quality sexuality has transformed my entire life.

The Support of Other Couples

Being on this journey with other couples as companions on the path has been an incredible support. I have shared some of my most ecstatic, vulnerable and silent moments with them. Strangers became intimate friends. We experienced Sacred Love Union with our intimate partners as something beyond the norm of marriage or relationship. We have finally got our thirst quenched, realizing that there is more to a relationship than what we have witnessed in our own upbringing. We have been able to access and experience the reality and flow of love, passion and meditation between man and woman.

In Gratitude

The Soulmate Training supports you to use challenges as stepping stones, weaknesses as reasons to go deeper into intimacy and lovemaking as prayer. Both masculine and feminine energies will be nurtured as we are focusing on deepening love and raising consciousness and awareness.

The Tantra Soul Mate Training is a revolution for each individual, each couple and the entire humanity. I am bowing down in deepest gratitude to my beloved Anahata, to all the couples from the Soul Mate Training, to my beloved Teachers, and to Love itself!

More from Tanmaya about the Benefits of the Soul Mate Training

Alchemical Keys on the Journey of The Soul Mate

– Heal wounds of love through love
– Awaken sexual energies as a fuel for meditation and higher consciousness
– Be accepted with all your good and bad sides
– Embody the Tantra pillars of love and meditation/awareness
– Learn many wonderful ways of making love
– Embrace vulnerability while dropping into deepest intimacy
– Enhance the male and female polarities to awaken a powerful magnetic spark with your lover
– Experience bliss and ecstasy beyond what you have ever dreamed was possible

Why Embark on the Tantra Journey in a Training with Other Couples?

– Receive valuable education and support to live a healthy love relationship

– Meet and befriend other couples, who are dedicated to growing as partners and lovers

– Experience that you are not alone with troubles in relating and how to heal those problems

– You receive the immense support of a Tantra tribe

– Be inspired to rise in love together in intimacy with your lover and with the whole group of couples

– Establish a healthy and heartful communication with yourself, with your lover and with a global Tantra tribe

Soul Mate Training Testimonials

This is what a few people have said about their experiences in the Soul Mate Training:

Swami Anahata (Tanmaya’s Beloved and now a Lead Faculty teacher within Tantra Essence) wrote this after level 7 of the Soul Mate Training some years ago :

“This is one of the most profound love experiments that I have ever travelled. It not only gives indications of spaces where love can flower, but also takes me by the hand showing how to enjoy love once it has been found. The Teachers are gifted with so much wisdom, grace and artful communication that it was easy for me to trust and keep on going when my ego would want to protect and escape.
This is one of the only trainings of its kind, that supports me to embrace intimacy as a path to realize my true nature.”

“This training has brought us closer in spite of adventures and challenges in our personal lives. The Soul Mate journey has been very craftfully created, taking couples from the most dense relationship issues and aspects, ultimately to the most subtle and sublime.
This training is a much needed rare and special education experience for couples and humanity. I am in deepest gratitude and love.” (Julia)

Alan and Lea are a Tantric Couple who at the time of writing have been together for 8 years. They have participated in 8 levels of Soul Mate Tantra plus many other groups in Tantra Essence. They faced many practical challenges in their relationship such as the fact that when they met, they lived in different countries, they both spoke different languages and they each had family ties which made their coming together rather like an obstacle course. In spite of this, the power of their love has opened a clear path for them and they shine with a diamond radiance of deepest fulfilment.

Alan writes:
“Both of us had done years of Tantra with Sarita before we met which prepared us very well to feel and manifest our connection. Since then, Tantra has given us many amazing experiences and when me make love, it happens on multi levels. There are soulmates who connect to help the soul learn a lesson; there are soulmates with whom there is a strong energetic attraction and there are soulmates who connect for the long term. For me, Lea is all three. After 8 years of relating we are still learning, there is still a strong magnetic attraction, and the love gets deeper and deeper.”

Lea Says:
“When I see Alan, I see the smile of both a man and a child at the same time. His natural scent is so attractive to me. I am deeply fulfilled by his lingam and by our love union and I want to be connected with him night and day.”

You will find more testimonials about the Soul Mate Training HERE

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