Tantric Sexual Union – Meditation of the Month

This is a description of a Tantric Sexual Practice from a Hindu scripture, Gupta Sadhana Tantra, as recounted in the book: Spiritual Sex, by Nik Douglas.

“Woman should always be worshipped, firstly by washing her feet, massaging and caressing her. Then, by worshipping her mouth, breasts, navel and her yoni.
She is always to be viewed as the Goddess Shakti, while her devotee imagines himself to be Shiva. He should always ask her permission before having intercourse with her.
He should treat her with consideration and see to her satisfaction. And when he offers his semen as an oblation, as a sacrifice, it is offered to the great Goddess in the form of woman.
This behaviour leads to the acquisition of all desired objects, freedom from disease, the love of women and the 8 great occult powers.”

In order to practice this, I would suggest taking it very literally. You can create a beautiful ritual form of lovemaking, using the instructions in this quote as your inspiration. You will need minimum 2 hours for this ritual.

1) Create a special sacred atmosphere in your bedroom, with lovely bed linen, candles, flowers, including a bowl of flower petals or small flowers to be used as offerings. Also have on hand, body butter, natural incense, and if you like, some divine music without words. Music suggestions: Rudra Veena or music with sounds of nature in it. You will also need a small bucket with hot perfumed water in it and a washcloth to wash with and another one to dry with.

2) Kneel opposite each other on the bed in Namaste position, looking into each other’s eyes. Recognize the God / Goddess in each other. Raise your arms to the sky, receiving blessings from higher consciousness for this sacred union.

3) Return to the Namaste position and the woman can say: “I see you Shiva.” Next the man can say, “I see you Shakti.”

4) Now the man begins washing his beloved’s feet, while saying, “I honor you Shakti.”

5) The woman can wash and massage the man’s feet, saying, “I honor you Shiva.”

6) The man can massage his Goddess from head to toe, using the body butter.

7) The woman can massage her Shiva from head to toe, using the body butter.

8) Shiva can caress his beloved head to toe.

9) Shakti can caress her Shiva from head to toe.

10) Now Shiva can worship his Shakti’s mouth, giving compliments and kissing her.

11) Now Shiva can worship his Shakti’s breasts by caressing them and complimenting them and making a flower offering there.

12) Now Shiva can worship his Shakti’s navel and belly area, by tenderly touching it and holding it, complimenting her there and making a flower offering.

13) Now Shiva can begin worshipping her Yoni, applying body butter, caressing and massaging her yoni very delicately, offering compliments or a poem about her beauty. He can adore her as the divine portal by making flower offerings to her.

14) When Shakti shows signs of being ready for penetration, Shiva can ask her if she is ready for him to worship her as the great Goddess through Maithuna, when Lingam and Yoni merge. If she says “Yes”, he can enter her, always remaining attentive to the fact that he is being blessed with the attentions of the divine Goddess herself. The sacred act of union is to be prolonged, with Shiva being always attentive to her satisfaction and fulfillment.

15) After the great Goddess is fulfilled, Shiva may like to let go of his semen, as a divine offering to the goddess. He may offer this powerful seed inside her body, or perhaps he would like to offer it on her body. Some of the semen can be collected and with it, you can design sacred symbols on your bodies in celebration of this divine union.

16) Lay in each other’s arms for some-time, saying tender endearments to each other and caressing each other’s bodies.

17) Come into a kneeling position opposite each other with hands in Namaste. Look into each other’s eyes with deep gratitude. Then bow down to love itself, which has expressed itself so beautifully through one another.

The meditation is now complete.

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