Documentaries – Review of the Month

This month, as the subject of the newsletter is on healing with an emphasis on healthy food choices, I am simply offering here a list of ‘must see’ documentaries / films you can watch in order to be better informed and inspired.

I recommend watching the documentaries / films in the order that I am listing them for a well-rounded educational experience.

Okja This is a cinematic film made as a collaboration between Korea and the USA which will wake you up on the subject of genetically modified food, while at the same time touching your heart. (This is also suitable for children to watch.)

Forks Over Knives This documentary highlights the work of scientists specialising in nutrition who have discovered the truth about what the human body needs to ingest for maximum health benefits. There are several case studies which are super interesting and the valuable information contained in this documentary can help save lives.

Fed Up This documentary offers valuable information and case studies on why there is obesity in so many children in the USA. Even if you are not obese, the information being offered is very valuable and even life saving for many individuals. (This is also suitable for children to watch who are over the age of 9 years.)

Food Incorporated It is important to be informed as to the true nature of what is happening in the world of the food industry. This documentary exposes what is normally veiled to the consumer. The question is, are you a human being or are you just a consumer? To the Corporations that run the food industry, sadly, you are just a consumer. Your health and well-being is not their concern. Your addiction to dangerous so called ‘foods’ and their profiting from that is what their game is all about.

Genetic Roulette This film is a must see. GMOs are killing people and the planet in so many ways. It is good to remember that people power is everything. If we stop buying it, the evil beings in the world who manipulate human lives and are destroying planetary ecology will be forced to stop producing it.

Cowspiracy This is a really interesting documentary about how global warming and the destruction of planetary resources can be traced back to raising cows for milk production and for slaughter. It makes us sit up and take notice regarding our food choices and how eating meat affects our survival.

The Worm is Turning This documentary highlights the work of Vandana Shiva who is working tirelessly to educate people about the many wrongs being done by powerful corporations. She reveals how these money generating machines have no qualms about killing millions of people through their destructive farming and other financial interests. Yes, it is depressing to learn the facts. However, if you weigh this with the amount of positive change being created by single dedicated individuals, it is super inspiring. This documentary reveals to us that nature is ever ready to nurture if we give her the chance.


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