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Q1. How can I learn Vashikaran? Q2. How does Tantra see LGBT?


Question 1: I’m 34 years old and living in India. I want to learn Tantra from
you. Can you please let me know something about Vashikaran. I really want to learn Vashikaran.

Please do let me know the process to learn Vashikaran & fee for this content as well as time process, in how much time I can learn this?

Answer: You said you are interested in learning Vashikaran, which is a process of mantra practice designed to influence others to do your bidding, through mind control of them. This method is often used to draw a particular love interest towards oneself.

It is important for you to check within yourself, what is your motive for learning it? Is it to attract a certain person towards you? Is it to gain Siddhi (occult power)? Is it to be in service for human beings to find more happiness? The desire for people to find a right love match is as old as humanity and it is important to find the best and most consciousness raising method to help fulfil this. I recommend two methods below which I have found to be most helpful and which are harmless to any person and will reap wonderful benefits to you and others.

For Vashikaran, it is necessary to have extensive practice in Mantra. I am not an expert in Vashikaran but from what I know about it, this method can easily be misinterpreted and used in a way which is in violation of human rights (bordering on black magic). It is a method which can influence the life direction of people through manipulation of their mind. I do not agree with this. We should never target individuals to do our bidding, especially when personal desires are often coming from the ego mind.

A more positive approach for attracting a right partner for you is offered by my friend Siobhan. You can have two skype calls with her and she will guide you through a process of unwinding in yourself what is preventing you from attracting the right partner and another process which will help you to attract the right partner towards yourself who will be the best match for you. This is done without naming anyone in particular. The thing is, existence is wiser than our ego minds can ever be. So, we put out our intention, with all the qualities we imagine this future beloved will have, and then wait for existence to do its positive magic. Contact Siobhan for more information on this method.

If you have someone in mind and would like to know if this person is compatible with you or not, you can have a Human Design session with my sister, Madhuri. She will be able to tell you if you are well matched with this person and also, if you are well matched, how best to approach this person in terms of love and relating. During this process of Human Design, you will also learn a lot about yourself. Send her your birth details and also the birth details of the person you are interested in (date, time, place of birth).


Question 2Recently I have received a message from someone who presented himself as a yogi.

He was stating that LGBT (Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transexual) relationships were not natural as the human bodies were designed for man – woman connections only. And he wanted to know how I could mention in my public communications that sex was natural also in LGBTQIA+ identified people.

In my opinion, if something exists in this world, so if someone is born in a certain way or shows a certain orientation – even if from an early age, it is “natural”. It may not necessarily be aligned with my value system, but I never peg these people as unnatural.

Would you please help me with your opinions, insights or positioning on this topic? how does Tantra see LGBTQIA+ relationships?

Answer: Your question is important and it is also interesting.

In order to understand the position Tantra takes, it is important to weave together the past and the insights of enlightened ones of the past, and also to bring to light what is happening in today’s world.

I will begin with an insight from Lao Tzu, a Taoist Master who lived approximately 2,500 years ago. He says, “Yin is like water, yang is like rock.” If you consider the nature of water, you will see that two streams of water flow into one river. Or, many rivers flow into one ocean. If we apply this to female-female relations, we see that two females can easily blend together in a flowing and harmonious way. The understanding in Tantra scriptures from the past is that if two females get together for erotic play, this is natural and in harmony with the life stream. However, it is said in these scriptures that it is only in harmony with the flow of life if these females also have liaisons with men, not exclusively with women.

Regarding men being in union with men, the scriptures say that yang is like rock and that if two rocks come together there will be a clashing effect. Furthermore, it is stated that if a society turns towards an overabundance of homosexuality of the male to male type, with anal penetration, that this will lead to downward moving kundalini and eventually such a society will collapse. We could take the example of the collapse of Ancient Greece, where homosexuality was prevalent.

When regarding this situation, it is also necessary to look into the phenomenon of same gender sexuality in our present day. In some cases, people become homosexual or transsexual or A-sexual because of hormonal changes in the embryo in the womb due to the mother being exposed to pesticides, plastic and or some chemical medications.  These substances feminise the hormonal system. In this way, a male embryo may be influenced to develop more of a ratio of female hormones than usual and this in turn will greatly influence his sexual orientation.

Previous incarnations can also influence the sexual orientation of a person. For example, if a young man dies suddenly and is then reborn in a woman’s body, the woman may feel inside that she is actually meant to be a man and her sexual orientation will follow this inner feeling. It can also happen that a man will feel like a woman inside due to having died suddenly as a young woman in a previous incarnation.

The early life rape of children by same gender adults can also influence the young person towards a same gender sexual orientation.

If someone is homosexual and has a yearning to discover if it is possible to be heterosexual, it is possible for this person to go through individual healing sessions to unwind traumas from this or other lives on the subject. I have given healing sessions to homosexuals who had a desire to become heterosexual with great success. And, I also have friends who are homosexuals and are happy in their sexual orientation and also lead a Tantra lifestyle.

If the homosexual person is born this way due to physical influences while he or she was in the womb, then it is best for them to simply accept their sexual orientation and to discover a harmonious life path through this orientation.

The fact is, yin and yang are both ever present in our bodies and in nature as a constant flow. So, whether someone is homosexual or heterosexual, you can discover the Tantra harmony of opposites by playing with yin and yang polarities in yourself and with a lover, regardless of the gender.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life and to expand your consciousness, in whatever situation you find yourself in.



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