The Body is the Shrine of God – Osho Quote

“When the body is calm and quiet, you can float high,
you can fly high, you can become a white cloud,
but only when body needs are truly looked after.
The body is not your enemy, it is your friend.
The body is your earth, the body has all your roots.
You have to find a bridge between you and your body.
If you don’t find that bridge, you will be constantly in conflict
with your body – and a person who is fighting with himself
is always miserable. The first thing is to come to a peace-pact
with your body and never break it. Once you have come to a
peace-pact with your body, the body will become very, very friendly.
You look after the body, the body will look after you.
It becomes a vehicle of tremendous value,
It becomes the very temple.
One day your body itself is revealed to you
as the very shrine of God.”

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