Ask Sarita – Does True Love Exist?

Question: “How can I find a man who is really ready to go deeper into Tantra with me? All I find out there are men who are into polyamory or one-night stands. It is really frustrating as I believe in true love. Am I under some kind of illusion? Does true love exist or is it just a fairy-tale?”

Answer: True love is our very nature. But it cannot be lived or enjoyed if we do not develop our consciousness through meditation. If we leave our desire for living in love into the hands of our biological impulses, we will only be able to live lust.

It is natural that men are more lust centred, simply because the sexual centre in a man is a positive polarity. His energy and attention are naturally drawn to this area of his body. Nature is asking him to plant his seed in order to reproduce the species. If he does not learn how to refine his basic biological instinct, he will be drawn again and again into the cycle of lust.

There is nothing wrong with lust. But for true fulfilment, a man needs to discover the door from lust into love and from love into prayerfulness. This will offer him the balm his soul is seeking deep down.

A woman is naturally centred in her heart and will thirst for love before she opens to lust. A man who is skilled in the arts of seduction knows this. He learns to weave his sexual impulses on the loom of love and adoration to the Goddess within the woman he is attracted to. This will make him very attractive to women.

A woman who has dived into the Tantra experience has tasted the nectar of what happens when we join together love and meditation. She longs to experience this in union with her beloved. She longs to surrender to a true Shiva, a man who is both sexual and spiritual, both powerful and vulnerable.

However, a man who does not know Tantra, has to be lured onto this path. He may remain his whole life on the path of lust, never realising there is much more to be experienced.

Woman is the initiatress into the art of Tantra for a man. She needs to cast her net of love artfully, listening to his reasons why he believes in open relationship and nodding as if she deeply sympathises with what he is talking about. Then she needs to ask him, full of charm, if he has ever experimented in Tantra meditation with a woman and if he is interested in this. If he says he is not interested, it is good to inform him that only Tantra men are good lovers and if he not willing to learn this art then you don’t wish to continue any love dance with him.

If he replies he is interested in learning Tantra, then you can suggest that you and he could try some Tantra meditation together without sex, just to get to know if you are energetically matched.

If he is open to this, do your research and find a really wonderful technique of Tantra you can practise together which does not include penetrative sex, but only tunes your energies.
(You can look into my books on Tantra or do research in my back blogs or order my online course to get ideas.)

Meet a few times to practise this method.

If your energies are well tuned, then you can take it to the next level. Make sure before going into penetrative sex the first time, you practise a powerful Tantra technique. This will ensure the sex is of a higher calibre than ordinary sex. The man in question will be blown away and will certainly wish to see you again.

Keep the mystery flowing between you. Don’t chase him. Retain your femininity, your mystery and your allure. Let him chase you. This is how nature has designed male and female sexual courtship. Play the game well so the polarities are stimulated. This will make you much more desirable to him.

Once he has tasted the benefits of Tantra in his experience of sexuality, he will be fascinated to learn more. In this way, slowly, slowly, your relationship as Tantra partners will develop and before long, you will be ready for full exploration of the path of Tantra for lovers.

By participating in women’s Tantra and mixed Tantra groups yourself, you will be developing your capacity to open up to multi levels of your deeper nature. This will allow you to be understanding when it comes to discussions about polyamory / open relationship / swinging, etc. Stay centred in your heart and keep your focus on the Tantra path and Tantra meditation. Eventually, if he is sensitive to your being, he will begin resonating with this vibration you are emitting. He will feel intrigued and want to discover more, and more. In this way you can begin rising in Love together. Ordinary lovers fall in love. Tantric partners rise in love.

And remember in the right moment in your togetherness, ask him if he is open to going into the 7 levels of the Tantra Soul Mate Training with you. (See the calendar on the website for dates.) If he says ‘Yes’, you have hit the jackpot.

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