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Scientists say that all of creation moves in waves of chaos and order, destruction and creation.

If we look deeper into this statement as it is reflected in life we will discover something very interesting. In actual fact, life is a huge recycling system. However, it is not circular, it is spiralling. In our own life, when the chaos wave comes, if we can surrender to it and ask the question, “What can I learn from you?” this chaos wave will propel us into a higher level of order. In this way, our consciousness evolves, from chaos to a higher level of order in a continuous spiral dynamic.

In the same way that consciousness evolves, life forms also evolve in a continuous spiral dance.

Spiralling into Ecstatic Birth

It has been found by researchers into the phenomenon of natural birth, that if a woman can move into the hands and knees position and go into spiralling movements with her entire body, she will soon be in tune with cosmic consciousness and the childbirth will become blissful rather than painful. Nature would like to replace pain with ecstasy during the birth process, and indeed the organs involved in giving birth are those same erogenous zones which will bring us to orgasm. As we evolve, the pain and chaos of childbirth will be replaced by orgasmic birth. This is easily in our hands and has been described very beautifully in the film “Birth As We Know It” by Elena Vladamirova.

Evolving through Chaos into a Higher Level of Order

Nature and the human system is a self-cleansing organism. In fact, the whole of life understands and knows how to absorb beneficial elements and clean out faecal matter. It is only if we overstuff ourselves or our environment with very toxic substances that the body or the body of the planet becomes overwhelmed and gets ill.

The illness takes us into chaos, to the very brink of extinction. Our whole organism asks the question, “Should I move towards entropy and death or should I move towards regeneration and health? If there is a lack of love vibrating in the cells and organs, our lifeforce energy weakens and becomes susceptible to decomposing factors. The nature within us says, “This organism is ready for recycling.” Once the command has been stated, the body mind will simply follow the command.

The art in life is to experience the chaos wave, stop, breathe, say “Yes,” and ask the simple question; “What can I learn from you?” Wait for the answer, and proceed in full trust that nature would in fact love you to regenerate if at all possible. This is as true for the planet as it is for a human body.

An article in the New Scientist magazine says: “Most important of all is to recognise that chaos is responsible for maintaining order in the natural world.”

Scientists were surprised to find that in the area affected by Chernobyl (where the nuclear catastrophe in Russia took place,) nature is growing with gusto. The wilderness has returned to its former glory in just 32 years. Much wildlife of the area has thrived and new species of wildlife are emigrating to the region.

As We Evolve, Life Evolves with Us

Find those pockets of energy that are lacklustre and boost them with love and the movement of life force energy in one way or another. Offer the highest quality fuel to the vehicle of your body / mind. Find the deeper resonance of body, mind emotions and soul, singing in harmony together.
Understand that after passing through a chaos wave and moving into a higher level of order, that you have just evolved as a human being. You now find yourself on a higher plane in the spiral of life.

As you evolve, you influence the whole of life to evolve with you.

The true meaning of a role model or a leader is that of someone who has evolved within themselves; they are actually living in a higher level of order, and they seek to inspire others to join them. This is the 100th monkey syndrome. A monkey on one island learns to perform a new task that no monkey has ever done before. Other monkeys begin copying him. As soon as 100 monkeys learn this new task, all the monkeys on the neighbouring island suddenly know this task and begin to do it even though they had no physical contact with those monkeys who learned the new task.

As 100 people become conscious and open up to new and higher levels of order, the whole humanity will suddenly shift to a new level of consciousness.

I have witnessed this fact functioning on several occasions. Many new and wonderful consciousness raising tools are being launched into the world at an incredible rate. Humanity is changing and transforming in ways we could not even begin to imagine just a few years ago.

Enlightened Consciousness is Spreading

I see with my own eyes that Osho’s influence is everywhere now. This may come as a shock to people who did not know him in the body. You may take many wonderful things that are happening in this world for granted, never suspecting Osho and Osho’s people are behind it, such as the Ecstatic Dance Movement that is sweeping the world or how personal development groups of all kinds are catapulting millions of people beyond psychology and into meditation. This is one of the wonderful aspects of aging. We see transformation and its effects over a longer period of time. We witness the spread of loving thoughts, positive trends, new creative forms, amazing soul alignments. What was once relegated to Osho’s ashram in India as a model for the new world is now becoming mainstream in certain places. Osho music by Osho musicians is everywhere. Soon many other aspects of his enlightened vision will be everywhere

Raising Consciousness through Sacred Ritual

Just a few days ago, I was in Czech Republic. My organiser created a 4 hour Tantra meditation event in a magnificent sacred geometry building called Letohradek Hvezda (“Star Summer Palace”) which was built between 1555 to 1558 by Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria.

The building was created on a site sacred to priestesses who kept an eternal fire burning there to represent the power of the place. The building is made in the form of what is commonly called the Star of David but is actually a much older symbol from India called the Shiva Shakti Yantra, made of two intersecting triangles. The upward pointing triangle represents the male fiery element and the downward pointing triangle represents the watery female element. In the center of these intersecting triangles is the bindu, the transcendental field from where everything comes and to where everything returns.

In the Star Summer Palace, the pointed ends of the triangles are aimed precisely towards other sacred sites in Prague. Prague is considered to be the center of Europe and so the sacred geometry formations affect the whole of Europe. The building was created in honour of the secret lover of the Duke, who he remained loyal to, his entire life.

The floors of the building represent the elements and the top floor where we held our event used to be a huge meeting room for alchemists.

What an amazing scene it was! 200 people dressed in white, entered the building walking barefoot and in silence. A musician named Fran played Tibetan singing bowls as people took their seats in a huge circle.

Together with my organiser Durga, we explained to them the principles of transforming suffering into love through Atisha’s Heart meditation. After one hour of this meditation, we had a break and then came back inside for the second part of our program. We introduced the Mahamudra meditation with a demo from our assistants. The meaning of Mahamudra is the great gesture arising out of the ultimate orgasm with the universe.

When the Mahamudra meditation began, the power of the energy radiating out along the ley lines into the whole world was palpable. When we entered the prayer phase of the meditation and the sounds of 200 people in ecstasy reverberated in the sacred space, I was overwhelmed with the emotion of the moment.

At the end of our event, people were hugging each other; strangers in pure bliss together. In that moment, I felt the Kali Yuga (the Age of Chaos) transforming into the Sat Yuga (the Age of Truth.) Even though this was a 4 hour event, a pop up Buddhafield, the power and presence of transformation in that room made something very obvious to me…….. the world is changing!

(If you are interested in the Mahamudra meditation you can order the CD through my website)

Such deep meditative spaces used to be reserved for the few thousand disciples of a great master such as Osho in the confines of his small ashram. Now, this energy is emerging everywhere.

The Buddhafield is Everywhere

I attended a live music Satsang with Deva Premal, Miten and Manose. The scene was pure magic. We were in an olive grove called Gayatri Mandir, overlooking the sea in Arillas, Corfu, Greece. Everyone sat in silence as this group of magical musicians played exquisite mantras and songs devoted to spiritual awakening, interspersed with silence. This version of Satsang was created by Osho in the 1970’s and has since been a favourite forum of meditative expression for many Osho musicians.

Afterwards, I went to hug Miten and we had a beautiful conversation. I told him about my event in Prague which was so magical, and how it feels to experience a pop up Buddhafield in a city. He said, “He is everywhere now. The Buddhafield is all over the world!” Yes, I believe we are now in the midst of living Osho’s dream, a world opening to love and meditation!

The Faces of Chaos

And, of course, alongside this, there is more chaos than ever in the world as politicians and power mongers of all kinds haggle over which bit of the world they get to dominate and destroy next.

In the alternative culture we also witness corruption and abuses of power. The ‘outing’ of teachers who use their authority to sexually abuse their students is becoming more and more prevalent. People who are interested in authentic Tantra are becoming more discerning, realising that there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. Some battle-scarred individuals and couples have commented to me: “My God, what I have been through trying to find authentic Tantra! I got so traumatised by (X group or X session) and am now so happy to have found you!”

A Quantum Leap from the Kali Yuga to the Sat Yuga

Watching, reading and listening to such stories, we may tend to feel depressed. We can’t believe that people who are in the alternative movement could even think of doing some of the things we hear about or witness. However, we are not as helpless as we might seem. The tide is turning from chaos to a higher level of order, from the Kali Yuga to the Sat Yuga.

It is a delicate path to walk, achieving discernment in the Kali Yuga. It appears there are land mines everywhere. I believe the best way to move forward is as Lao Tzu describes the Taoist way, to move as if walking barefooted in an icy stream, carefully and with awareness. My way of holding discernment is to align myself with the Sat Yuga, carrying it inside as a whispered transmission which lives within my heart of hearts. Whatever is aligned with truth can remain with me. Whatever is in a downward spiral moving into unconsciousness and entropy is not my path. I invite all those who are aligned with love and meditation to join me in the spiral dance, rising in love, shining light into illusory shadowed corners of our being and surrendering to the ultimate truth, that state of bliss which is eternal and all pervading.

A Song by Sudhananda in the Osho Song Book says:

“Just say Yes to Love,
Just say Yes to life,
Just say Yes to laughter
And the Blessings of the Master,
Say Yes, say Yes!
Say Yes, say Yes!”

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