Tantra: A Loving Awareness – Osho Quote

“You are born with the capacity to love, but you are not born with the art of love. That art of love has to be taught, has to be imbibed.

People feel bored with their wives and with their husbands. The reason is they have not been able to contact the other’s real soul. They have been able to contact the body, but they have missed the contact that happens heart to heart, center to center, soul to soul. Once you know how to contact soul to soul, when you have become soul-mates, then there is no boredom at all. Then there is always something to discover in the other because each being is an infinity, and each being contains God Himself. There is no end to exploring. Unless you become capable of decoding the inner mystery of your woman or your man, you will sooner or later get fed up, bored.

That’s why I say Tantra should become a compulsory phenomenon for all human beings. Each school, each college, each university, should teach Tantra. Tantra is the science of contacting souls, of going to the deepest core of the other. Only in a world which knows the art of Tantra will this boredom disappear; otherwise it cannot disappear.
Unless you learn the secret art of Tantra…

Tantra is one of the most important secrets ever discovered. But it is very delicate because it is the GREATEST art. To paint is easy, to create poetry is easy, but to create a communion with the energy of the other, a dancing communion, is the greatest and the most difficult art to learn.
People are against me because I am telling people how to love. I am telling people how to make love a prayer. I am telling people how to love so deeply that love itself becomes your religion — that your woman one day disappears and you find God there, that your man one day disappears and you find God there; that one day, in deep communion, in deep orgasmic experience, in that ecstasy, for a moment you both disappear and there is only God and nothing else.

Remember, there is no need to be afraid of women, no need to be afraid of men. We are all alike, the same God. We have to learn how to love each other. We have to come closer to each other because that is the only way to come close to God. Love is one of the greatest doors to God, just as awareness is another.

The East has followed the way of awareness and become lopsided. The West has followed the way of love and has become lopsided. I teach you both: a loving awareness, a conscious love. And with this you will become integrated, you will attain individuation.”

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