Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love – Book Review

Solving the Mystery of Attraction by Allan and Barbara Pease

I love this book because it makes the entire biological male female mating dance so easy to understand! It is written in an upbeat and humorous style making it a lot of fun to read. There is an abundance of facts taken from human biology studies which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that men and women have very different wiring when it comes to sex, love and relationship.

The book may leave some persons very unhappy simply because it debunks some present-day beliefs that men and women are the same and all gender identities are fundamentally wrong. The authors point out that hundreds of thousands of years of biology cannot be wrong. If something is fundamentally wrong, it is our desire to wish to change our hard wiring rather than accept it.

Learn from sexual biology and embark on the journey into sexual relationship with a clear understanding of male and female biological blueprints. Be intelligent and creative when it comes to understanding and co-creating relationships. That is all that is required.

The book is laced with many humorous anecdotes. One quote is:
What women really want:
To be loved, adored, respected, trusted, needed, pampered, praised, hugged, complimented, supported, consoled, charmed, protected, embraced.
What men really want: Tickets for the finals match.

There is also a fascinating exposé about how to find your soul mate through an analysis of numbers of people on the planet and the law of averages. The down to earth approach towards this hot topic is truly inspiring!

It is a book which is wonderful to read out-loud with your lover, or with your friends and laugh and discuss about certain passages far into the night. It is equally wonderful to read it alone and say, ‘Aha!’ at regular intervals as the pieces of the sexual relationship puzzle fall into place.

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