Meditation of the Month: Osho Tratak Meditation

This is one of the very first meditation series I practiced after meeting Osho. It opened me to the vast mystery of being and set me on the path of meditation in a very powerful way.

In a dark room, sit in front of a mirror, with a candle placed to one side, so you can see your reflection in the mirror, but you do not see the candle flame in the mirror. You should only see a soft diffused light.

Gaze into the eyes in the mirror, without blinking, for 20 – 40 minutes.

As you gaze, tears may come to your eyes, but try your best not to blink for the entire duration of the meditation. As you gaze, you may see many faces, many layers of your being. These faces are the unwinding of your ancestral or past life imprints. Don’t react. Just observe.

This meditation is to be done as a series. At some point, perhaps after several meditation sessions, as you are gazing into the mirror, suddenly, the mirror will become empty. You will see no one in the mirror.

This is your original face, the face you had before you were born. This experience opens a portal into your Buddha Nature, your true essence.

When you arrive to the point where you see no one in the mirror, your series of Tratak meditations is complete. (You may need up to 10 meditations before this happens.) However, each person is unique, so just follow the flow and continue your series till you have the experience of no one in the mirror.



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