Book Review – Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

Reviewed by Dharmaraj Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

Welcome to the Yoniverse! While also the name of chapter 5 of this book, it is a fitting and comprehensive welcome to the world of female sexual anatomy. This book is considered by many people, including myself, to be the bible of women’s sexuality. In my opinion not only should this be read by all women and any man who appreciates women, I believe this book should be required reading in middle school health classes, being made available just as teenagers hit puberty. Of course, it is also a godsend for adults as well. Many people are confused about the perceived complexity of women’s sexual organs and functioning. This book brings tremendous understanding through in-depth anatomical illustrations and descriptions of physiological processes yet presents this science in a playful and fun way that is a joy to read.

One can trust that after reading this book, and practicing the exercises recommended, that women can come to experience greater levels of pleasure and orgasm and men will learn how to understand women and how to offer their woman much greater pleasure. This is the first book where I have seen the full internal anatomy of the clitoral network and also the first place I have seen the science and physiology of Amrita (female ejaculation) explained precisely.

Sheri Winston uses her medical expertise as a certified nurse / midwife to explain medical terminology in ways the lay person can understand. She also incorporates elements of spirituality, magic and Tantra. She draws from historical and cultural approaches to sexuality, debunking what is no longer serving us today and highlighting new discoveries. While she does not claim to be a Tantra or Taoist expert, she does introduce concepts such as microcosmic orbit, chakra system, jade egg practice, yin and yang energy, self-pleasure rituals, and using breath-work to augment your pleasure potential.

In sex, many people drive towards their destination without actually having a map. Basically, they are wandering around aimlessly and haphazardly, hoping to happen upon a great pleasurable sexual experience. Most of us can understand this is not a rewarding nor efficient approach. This book gives you the map and the blueprint. Once you have the map, you can reproduce amazing sexual experiences again and again. It is as the subtitle says: “secret maps to buried pleasure.” It will give you so many tools to become an erotic virtuoso.


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