Book Review – The Tao of Sexual Massage by Stephen Russel and Jurgen Kolb

This is a rare book, that offers both philosophical and practical step by step guidance in the art of Taoist Tantra Massage. Taoist teachings bring profound spiritual insights into Prana, energy meridians, the wui wei way of inaction within action, Yin and Yang. We can sense even while reading the book that whoever designed this form of massage was certainly enlightened and has transmitted enlightened understanding through the medium of Massage.

To receive Taoist Massage is to experience a spiritual scripture through touch. The imprint of this on the skin transforms one’s whole way of being. Through this massage, the yin and yang elements in the body come into balance. We feel relaxed and uplifted, powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Our unity consciousness expands and we become vast enough to contain contradictions in life.

This carefully choreographed form of massage is mysterious in how deeply it works on the entire energetic system. We are no longer the same person even after one of these massages.

If you get this book and can’t bring yourself to practice what the authors are describing and guiding you into, even then, you will be benefitted just by being introduced to the deep spiritual insights in this book.

We teach this massage in depth in the Tantra Mystic Massage Training, so if you are one of those people who like to practice in a group with a teacher guiding, then after reading the book, you can come to our Training and learn while giving and receiving this exquisite Taoist Tantra Massage method.

A quote from The Tao of Sexual Massage says:

The four planes of existence

“Sexual energy, the fundamental energy in the body, circulates throughout the energy channels and has an impact on all aspects of our existence. To the Taoist there is no separation between the social, spiritual, mental, and physical planes of existence. They simply represent different levels of energy in the body. From a Taoist viewpoint, the harmony of these four aspects is essential to health. Conflict in the social, mental, spiritual, or physical body manifests as illness. 

The aim, the path, and the quest of Taoist sexual practice is to integrate all these aspects of consciousness and the physical functions of the body, to work as a unified being.”

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