Dying to Wake Up by Dr. Rajiv Parti – Book Review

A Doctor’s Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back

This book is much more than a detailed account of a remarkable Near-Death Experience. It is most of all, a handbook for how to live your life from a place of wisdom and in service of deeper truth.
Dr. Parti is certainly a very courageous man. He came back from the jaws of death with a powerful, uplifting message and in order to share this message, he was obliged to completely transform his life. He quit his very lucrative job as a top cardiac anaesthetist, downsized his luxury lifestyle, and embraced spiritual ideals with open arms. He followed guidance from angels and through ever deepening meditation he discovered how to live a life in service of love.

Dr. Parti’s core message is: “Forgive, love and heal.”

Death is relevant for all human beings and so is this book. Read it and be amazed, comforted, uplifted and transformed.

Dr. Parti has created a ‘Near Death Manifesto.’
1) Consciousness can exist outside the body.
2) There is life after death.
3) We have past lives, and our experiences therein can shape our current realities.
4) We are all connected to each other because we are all made of the one and same energy that manifests as differentiated matter.
5) Divine beings exist to help and guide us.
6) There are different levels of consciousness.
7) There is one all-pervading supreme love and intelligence that is the source of the entire universe and that love is the supreme source of creation.

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