Coconut and Lemongrass Buckwheat – Recipe of the Month

The recipe is taken from Lithuanian vegan chef Vytautas Vaicaitis.

One of the most famous and ancient grains Buckwheat has deep roots in Lithuanian gastronomic culture. It has participated in lots of different recipes, but one idea, that I was inspired by Balinese chef gave this grain another dimension of flavor. So what happens when coconut and lemongrass go for a walk to meet buckwheat you can only taste.
It was great honor and inspiration to intuitively create this dish on our annual meeting with Sarita in magical sacred Lithuanian woods. This time magical resonance led by forest and plant divas gave the inspiration to create a senso-gustatory experience.

This recipe contains all bio-organic ecological ingredients and I advise to support this for our human and planet’s health.

To make for 4-6 people you would need:

2 cups of Buckwheat
2 cups of Coconut milk
4 tbs of grated coconut
1 tbs of Coconut oil
2-4 sticks of Fresh Lemongrass
Activated (for extra taste caramelized) walnuts
1 Fresh carrot
4 organic cannabis or banana leaves

Edible flowers (roses, violets, daisies, nasturtiums, dandelion, calendula, etc. avoid using flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals)

1/2 ts Cayenne pepper or grated jalapeno
1 ts Grated cumin
1 ts Mustard seeds
1 ts Black pepper
pinch of Himalayan, sea salt or Atlantic dulce (if no salt consumed)


1) If you have time, put buckwheat to sit in a fresh water for around 30min. In other cases just rinse it.
In middle size pot put coconut oil and spices, cook for several minutes, add coconut milk, crushed lemongrass, grated coconut and buckwheat boil around 8-10 min on mid/low heat, then turn off the heat and leave for another 5 min to chill. The pot should be closed at all times.

2) In the meantime prepare carrots in thin slices, put cannabis or banana leaves in the preferred bowl. If you do not have cannabis, you can find it online at CBDatWork.

3) If you need to prepare walnuts and there is no time to soak overnight, then wash with warm water and dry on mid-heat in a pan with some cayenne pepper, salt, and maple syrup or when nuts are slightly roasted, turn off the heat and add some honey.

4) For serving, I use a culinary ring to shape a round form, but you can use any type of shaper.
Add carrots, walnuts, and flowers on top. I recommend having some extra coconut milk with spices on the side.

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