PK – Film Review

This film is a Bollywood comedy starring Amir Khan.
It is a wonderful comedy and, unexpected for a comedy, contains deep soul searching and offers strong spiritual bullshit detecting as an integral part of the story line. It also contains a love story, of course, as well as a moderate amount of Bollywood dancing.

The story follows the life of an alien who lands on earth in Rajasthan, India. Soon after landing, he meets a human man, who, while being shocked that the alien is naked, nonetheless overcomes his surprise long enough to steal the remote control device on the alien’s chest, thereby depriving the alien of a possibility to contact his mothership again. The film follows the alien, PK (meaning drunk in Hindi) as he moves through many humorous pitfalls on his journey to find his remote control device.

We can empathise with his difficulties in adapting to human life, and particularly life in India! He ends up turning to the multiple gods and religious paths so prevalent in India as he looks for answers. Along the way PK inadvertently exposes the many bizarre beliefs humans take for granted if they have been conditioned by a certain religion. Many scenes are so funny that you may find yourself doubled up in laughter for much of the 2 ½ hour film. It is definitely a feel-good movie and offers laughter therapy galore! Laughter is one of the most healing energies available to us and now is a good time to begin!

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