Living Energies – Book Review

Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger by Callum Coats
Anyone who is concerned about the environmental impact by humans and how to solve the multi- environmental and technological based problems besetting our world, will be benefitted greatly by reading this book.
Viktor Schauberger was a man ahead of his time. He began his life as a forester and through his deep communion with the natural world he developed a form of science which sought to study nature and copy it. He invented harmonious technologies which would in no way disturb the natural order of life.

He understood water as a living being, responsive to and energising all other manifestations of nature. Viktor says: “Water is a living substance!” He exposes to us how humans are misunderstanding and destroying water to our detriment. He entreats us to understand how water can be managed in such a way as to enhance its vitality and in this way enhance our lives and the lives of all living beings.

Viktor goes on to point out that the abundance we enjoy in nature is caused by an interweaving of energies that create matter. Just as many indigenous cultures know this to be true, Viktor asserts that energy is activated before physical form comes into being. Working with these ‘living energies’ will form the basis for a more intelligent form of science.

He reveals secrets of a nature-based science and how to convert naturally occurring energies such as deep ocean currents, into useable electricity. We don’t have to distort and overpower nature in order to create hot fusion as a useable energy source. We can easily tap into cool, passive energy formulas which will provide for all our needs without any distortion of natural laws.

Callum Coates has done an extraordinary job in capturing for posterity, the life, vision and mission of Viktor Schauberger and the positive implications his inventions hold. Following the lead of Viktor Schauberger, humans will thrive in peace and harmony with all other life forms.

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