Fantastic Fungi – Film Review

This is an unprecedented, unique film, Narrated by Brie Larson and starring Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan and Eugenia Bone. It also includes scientists and environmentalists, as they explore, reveal and explain the Mycellium network.

I was reluctant to watch this film about the world of mushrooms simply because I don’t generally eat mushrooms! However, my Beloved Miguel adores mushrooms and so I watched it with him. Little did I know I would be entering a magical world and better yet, this magic is right beneath our feet, supporting all of life with heroic fecundity! I had no idea how the Mycellium network functions and was simply flabbergasted by the fascinating information that was offered in this unusual eye-opening film. As well as coming to a deep appreciation of fabulous fungi, it awakened worshipful sentiments in me towards the miracle of life and the interconnectedness of all species. 

I sincerely believe this film offers a turning point in the way we will see and understand our world. It offers us an expansion of consciousness, not only through the possibility of ingesting magic mushrooms, but in regards to longevity, healing and how we humans are interdependent with a vast array of life forms in the natural world, including fungi. I found this film humbling, leaving me in a state of awe.

I highly recommend watching it.

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