Soul Mates

We have all heard the expression Soul Mates. What does it mean? Is it really true that each person has a mate somewhere in this vast universe who is the perfect other half?

Ask Sarita: What do You think of monogamous relationships?

Hello Yannis,
Thank you for your questions. I will answer them one by one..

Recipe of the Month: Raw Seduction Chocolate Pudding

Prep time: 40 mins
Total time: 40 mins

(dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, raw, soy-free, vegan)
Author: Alison Murray @ Om Nom Ally

Poem: Song of Songs

The following poem is from The Song of Songs (the one section of the Bible which lights my fire!).

Book Review: Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover

Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Lover
101 True Stories of Soul Mates Brought Together by Divine Intervention
(By Arielle Ford)

Osho Quote on Tantra

“Tantra in the hands of those who don’t understand becomes simply sexual orgies.

Meditation of the Month: Bio Resonance

This Tantra meditation can be practiced with a lover, to bring resonance and harmony to the male-female dynamic.

To see pictures of each phase of this meditation please refer to pages  175-177 of Divine Sexuality

Sarita’s Blog: The Magic and Science of Rituals

Recently, I taught a Level 6 Soul Mate Group for couples. On the last day, (the 8th of March, which is International Women’s Day), the women were treated to a two hour “Trust Ritual”, an offering of devotional love from the men. 

Hieros Gamos – A Re-turning Of The Temple Mysteries

This is a blog from Bruce Lyon. It is very relevant for this powerful Spring Equinox.
Bruce ignites a fire of recognition, of remembering inner truths through his gift of oratory and poetry.

Ask Sarita: I Feel Women Want to Eat or Destroy Me

Hello Sarita,

I was on a course with you in Holland.
I feel the sparkles still in my body and I am very happy

Osho Quote: Trust is the Highest Flowering of Love

Gautam Buddha is a rebel; he is not a follower of anyone. Neither is Lao Tzu a follower of anyone.

They don’t have any scriptures, they don’t have any belief systems.

Meditation of the Month: Sound Pyramid

This is an experience of Sound. Listen to it and be transported through a portal into the beyond. During our Tantra Level 6 for Couples,

Receipe: Sweet Potato Soup with Corn and Chillies

While travelling, I am always delighted to find a Hare Krishna restaurant because that means I can have a meal of vegan food prepared with love. I am not in favor of all of their recipes because they use dairy and sugar in many recipes,

Sacred Union on the Equinox

We are entering today the last square of Pluto and Uranus – this has been a two year tension between the crown and base chakra energies on the planet stimulating transformation in many areas.

Poem: Men Rolling Naked in the Snow

This is a poem / song I wrote to describe a glorious experience during the Tantra Level 6 for couples in Poland.

On a snow filled day
Clear and bright

Film Review: Kymatica (2009)

This film, made with purpose and passion by two men named Benjamin: Stewart and Daniel: Stewart leads us out of the locked in matrix system which is in essence a cancerous reproduction of the ego. Patiently, step-by-step, we are shown the layers of veils, which obscure our harmonious biological and intuitive knowing.


The Osho Jungle Festival at Osho Sangham, 65 kilometers from Nagpur in Central India, was a truly phenomenal experience. We were 60 people, mostly Indian with about 10% foreigners from various countries, including, Egypt, China, U.K., Norway, and USA.

Tribute to Veeresh by Sarita

Sarita’s tribute to Veeresh who left his body on Tuesday night, 27th January 2015.

Even though I have not seen Veeresh in years, he is still one of my deeply loved people.

Ask Sarita: How can I last longer in sex?

Ask Sarita Q) “How can I last longer in sex?” Best Regards, Kumar

A) I receive dozens of questions from men on this subject. This means you are not alone in your query. In fact this issue is chronic and a world wide problem. There are a few reasons why premature

Recipe: Vegan Plantain & Spinach Curry

This recipe comes from the Vegan Society with some changes added by me to make it even healthier!