Recipe of the Month – Capsicum and Bean Sprouts Soup

Capsicum and bean sprouts are both rich in nutrients like vitamin a, c folic acid, fibre, etc. This soup is quick and easy to make while at the same time being

Tantra for Teens – Sarita’s Blog

I get many requests from parents who would like me to teach Tantra to their teenage children. They invariably say, “If only I had access to what we learn in Tantra groups when I was a teenager,

Meditation of the Month – Osho Dynamic Meditation

This is Osho’s signature meditation. It is an active meditation for all ages, and in particular it is great for young people to transform all their swirling energy into a coherent and positive direction. I was introduced to it when I met Osho

Ask Sarita: Children and Pornography

Question: “I would like to get hold of a DVD that teaches the art of Tantra at a very basic level. My son is watching pornography and has admitted he has been for awhile. Ideally I would love to send him on a weekend workshop to teach him about his sacred body,

Osho Quote on Teenagers

“The teenagers are in a very difficult situation. They are changing; they are leaving childhood behind and they are becoming youngsters. Every day new dimensions of life are opening for them. They are in a transformation. They need immense help from the parents.

Poem of the Month -Elfin Lover by Sarita

You with the magic wand of light

You with the elfin smile

Maybe you would like to rest awhile

Book Review – Two books by Steve Biddulph

Steve Biddulph is a prolific writer, psychologist and family therapist with an approachable down to earth style of writing. His tips on Raising Boys and Raising Girls are really valuable. These books are certainly a support for any parent who would like to

Poem of the month: Self-Healing in the Night

My sister Madhuri was born with a gift for writing poetry. Her mystical and healing journey, as seen through the eyes of a poet, inspires, awakens and calls us out to be who we truly are. I love this one,

Sarita’s Blog: Tantra Teacher Training

While teaching Tantra all over the world, it is a delight to meet gorgeous, meditative and vibrant people who show all the signs of growing into amazing Tantra Teachers.

Ask Sarita: Male Sexual Health

Question:  Hi Sarita, I’m a spiritual practitioner based in London, UK. I have a question regarding sexual health and I wondered if you could help. If it’s relevant, I’m 30 years old and a Caucasian male.

In Profile: Human Design for Couples

Love is of course a mystery, coming from we-know-not-where, rising and falling as it pleases; but the more consciousness we can bring to the proceedings, the better. Now, for the first time in history, lovers can access a blueprint

Book Review: The Tantric Way

All of Ajit Mookerjee’s books on Tantra are amazing and this one is simply superb. What a treasure it is to hold and look through this book with 148 illustrations (18 of them in color) and 80 line drawings,

Meditation of the Month: Enter the Soundless Sound

This is one of the 112 sutras from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, commented on by Osho in the Book of Secrets.

In the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Paravati is asking questions to Shiva, her Beloved, on the nature of life,

Osho Quote: From ‘That Art thou’

“ We use two words: BRAHMAN for universe, for the embodied form, and BRAHMA for the innermost center of consciousness. As long as we are feeling ourselves as bodies, we can never transcend brahman, the universe. The moment we become consciousness,

Recipe of the Month: Three Ginger Anti-Inflammatory Carrot Soup

Author: Alison Murray @ Om Nom Ally
Recipe type: Soups
Cuisine: Egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, soy-free, wheat-free. Vegan

Sarita’s Blog : Health, Ecstasy and Holistic Lifestyles

Health and a holistic way of life is a spiritual path deep into the wonder of all the bounty inherent in our bodies and in nature itself. Recently I was privileged to meet Thomas Aksnes of Health Optimizing,

Meditation of the Month: Healing

This is a powerful healing method, which is inspired by the Hawaiian Huna tradition. It is similar to Homeopathy in the way it works, as through this method,

Osho Quote – From Medication To Meditation

“Now even scientists agree that when you kill an animal, out of fear he releases all kinds of poisons… When you kill an animal there is anger,

Ask Sarita : Soul Incarnation and Body

Question 1: Dear Sarita, I have a question and I really need to have a right concept about this. When a child is born how a spirit chooses beforehand and then reincarnates in that body?

Recipe of the Month – ‘Real’ Guacamole

As a child, I was visiting a friend of my mother and her stunningly beautiful daughter from Mexico. As we were preparing dinner together, the daughter, a girl a bit older than me,