Sarita’s Blog – An Enlightened History of Humanity

There is a more positive way of looking at history than in the context of who fought which wars or invaded and became the leader of which countries. That way of regarding history tells us that humanity has remained really childish.

Meditation of the Month – Ho’oponopono

This Hawaiian Shamanic mantra is the ultimate for healing discord within yourself, with others and with the whole. By saying it, we are acknowledging that we are all connected in the web of life. If I have been hurt, it is because I offer myself to become hooked in the game of victim and aggressor.

Being with a Mystic – Osho Quote

“Any mystic belonging to any age, to any country, to any part of the globe, reveals the same truth, because truth is the unchanging, unmovable center of the whole of existence.

Ask Sarita

Q1. How can I learn Vashikaran? Q2. How does Tantra see LGBT?

Wild Wild Country – Film Review

The documentary Wild Wild Country, a 6-part series on Netflix has spawned a lot of interest and comments from all around the world. I have chosen one of the commentaries from CNN India as the review for this newsletter.

Song of Gaia by Ma Ananda Sarita

I am Gaia

I have given you birth

I am mother of the whole human race

Vegan Blueberry Cheescake

My friend Bhakti made this ravishingly delicious vegan cheesecake for us at Zorba the Buddha in Delhi one day. I begged her for the recipe because it is truly the best cheesecake ever. Even if you normally eat the dairy variety, once you have tasted this you will certainly want to go vegan, at least as far as cheesecake goes!

Sarita’s Blog: Radiant Health and Wholeness

Some of the information I will share with you in this blog may appear outlandish or even uncomfortable. But all of it is vital to know in order to achieve optimal health on all levels.

What is a Root Canal, and Why These Toxic Teeth Could Be Making You Sick

By Dr. Joseph Mercola
(below is from 2 articles written by Dr. Mercola about Root Canals)

Vegetarianism, Past Lives, And Evolution – Osho Quote

“We cannot change human consciousness unless we start by changing the human body.

Taoist Bone Breathing – Meditation of the Month

The following article is by Carolanne Wright, writer for Wake Up World. She introduces us to the miraculous ancient Chinese Bone Breathing Technique brought to the Western World by Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

Stressed Out, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Healing BDSM – Ask Sarita

I receive questions from people from all over the world. In each Newsletter I choose one or more questions which when answered, will offer benefits to many people who may have similar kinds of issues.

Documentaries – Review of the Month

This month, as the subject of the newsletter is on healing with an emphasis on healthy food choices, I am simply offering here a list of ‘must see’ documentaries / films you can watch in order to be better informed and inspired.

Sarita Interviews Chef Made Runatha

Sarita Interviews Chef Made Runatha, Executive Chef and Co-Founder of Moksa Resturant: Ubud, Bali.

Raw Marinara Sauce

Recipe of the Month

The following recipes are from Chef Made Runatha, founder of Moksa Restaurant in Ubud, Bali.

Sarita’s Blog: Soul Mates

I receive many enquiries from people who would like to find a Soul Mate, someone with whom they can deeply merge on all levels, body, mind and soul.

Soulmate Training by Tanmaya and Anahata

Tanmaya and her beloved Anahata are Lead Faculty members of Tantra Essence and teach many varied groups, including the Tantra Soul Mate Training. Tanmaya has written about their experience, first as participants in the training, then as apprentices and finally as teachers.

Tantric Sexual Union – Meditation of the Month

This is a description of a Tantric Sexual Practice from a Hindu scripture, Gupta Sadhana Tantra, as recounted in the book: Spiritual Sex, by Nik Douglas.

The Attraction of Opposites and Sex Education for Children – Ask Sarita

Sarita answers two questions: one is about opposite genders and their attraction. The second is about how and how and when to explain to children about sex. 

How to find a Soulmate? – Osho Quote

Question from a Seeker
“I am a strong man, but I cannot find a woman who truly loves me. What is missing in me? I have come here to find a Soul Mate. Can you help me?”