Tantra Teacher Training 2017-2019

An Invitation from Sarita

We are witnessing a huge upsurge of Tantra in the world. Tantra is now entering the mainstream. In fact, As Layla Martin says, “Tantra is the new Yoga!”

The Magic of Tantra and Erotic Arts of Sexual Union

The Creation Of An Online Master Class

At the time of writing I am on the magical Island of Bali working on the filming for a new online course devoted to the subject of learning how to be a Master Lover.

An Early Poem by Osho

My dear friend Keerti sent me this unexpected delight, an early poem by Osho, which I have never come across before, published in a book by Rati Sett called Thy Will Be Done.

Double Bonus This Month – Two Recommended Sessions on the Subject of Relationship

I have been greatly helped on the issue of relationship over the years by my Sister Madhuri’s Human Design readings. Human Design gets to the core of whether you are

Ask Sarita – Am I deluding myself?

Question: In my meditation Shiva came to me, I do not know how to say it another way. Actually, He was suddenly there and next moment He was holding me in yab yum. He started to breath light into me.

Experiencing Sex as a Meditation

When we wish to explore sexual union as a meditation, it is very supportive to begin by creating sacred space. The place you do the meditation in should be clean and clear of clutter.

Papaya Curry Recipe

Recently I was in Kerala going through a 5 week Ayurveda Pancha Karma Retreat at House of Ayurveda. Doctor Mini Joy, as well as being a first rate, third generation Ayurveda Doctor, is also an amazing cook.

Osho Quote: Orgasm and Mahamudra

Osho Speaks on Orgasm and Mahamudra
From The Tantra Vision Vol. 2

“Orgasm is a state where your body no more is felt as matter;

Sarita Reviews Two Books – A Book for Him and A Book for Her

The Truth by Neil Strauss

An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

Incredible India and Amazing Ayurveda

For the whole month of December 2016 some friends and I have been in Kerala, India in an Ayurveda Pancha Karma Retreat.

Enlightenment and the Journey to Wholeness

After meeting Osho in 1973 in Mumbai, I went to his 10-day meditation camp in Mount Abu. The name of the camp was Samadhi Sadhana Shibeer, which he translated as; ‘Camp for Inner Ecstasy and Enlightenment.’ In my innocence,

Book Review: Medical Medium by Anthony Williams

I love good news and this book is certainly bringing abundant blessings to those who read it and follow the incredible information about health and wellbeing contained in its pages. The information in this book can save

Meditation of the Month: Removing the Voices that are not yours

Osho, in sharing the method he used to become enlightened, spoke about this technique:

Become attentive to the voices in your head and learn to

Ask Sarita: Are you Enlightened?

Question 1: Is there anyone who is enlightened? What is enlightenment? I have seen or heard many people saying they are enlightened but actually I have not seen anyone who appears to really be enlightened. Please can you explain to me

Poem of the Month: Zen Master Hakuin

This is a discourse given by the enlightened Zen Master, Hakuin. Give yourself the sublime gift of reading it as ultimate poetry. If you would like Osho’s commentaries on it, this is to be found in his book, This Very Body The Buddha

Osho Quote on his Enlightenment

“I am reminded of the fateful day of twenty-first March, 1953. For many lives I had been working—working upon myself, struggling, doing whatsoever can be done—and nothing was happening.

Receipe of the Month: Raw Cacao Delight

Try this amazing Cacao Delight and experience a mouthgasm. We were doing a blindfolded sensorial journey at Zorba the Buddha in Delhi during the Tantra Festival. The cook made these amazing bliss balls

Recipe of the Month – Capsicum and Bean Sprouts Soup

Capsicum and bean sprouts are both rich in nutrients like vitamin a, c folic acid, fibre, etc. This soup is quick and easy to make while at the same time being

Tantra for Teens – Sarita’s Blog

I get many requests from parents who would like me to teach Tantra to their teenage children. They invariably say, “If only I had access to what we learn in Tantra groups when I was a teenager,

Meditation of the Month – Osho Dynamic Meditation

This is Osho’s signature meditation. It is an active meditation for all ages, and in particular it is great for young people to transform all their swirling energy into a coherent and positive direction. I was introduced to it when I met Osho