Sarita’s Blog: Soul Mates

I receive many enquiries from people who would like to find a Soul Mate, someone with whom they can deeply merge on all levels, body, mind and soul.

Soulmate Training by Tanmaya and Anahata

Tanmaya and her beloved Anahata are Lead Faculty members of Tantra Essence and teach many varied groups, including the Tantra Soul Mate Training. Tanmaya has written about their experience, first as participants in the training, then as apprentices and finally as teachers.

Tantric Sexual Union – Meditation of the Month

This is a description of a Tantric Sexual Practice from a Hindu scripture, Gupta Sadhana Tantra, as recounted in the book: Spiritual Sex, by Nik Douglas.

The Attraction of Opposites and Sex Education for Children – Ask Sarita

Sarita answers two questions: one is about opposite genders and their attraction. The second is about how and how and when to explain to children about sex. 

How to find a Soulmate? – Osho Quote

Question from a Seeker
“I am a strong man, but I cannot find a woman who truly loves me. What is missing in me? I have come here to find a Soul Mate. Can you help me?”

The Awakening, Poem by James Weldon Johnson

I dreamed that I was a rose
That grew beside a lonely way,
Close by a path none ever chose,
And there I lingered day by day.

Masters of Sex – Book and Film Review

There is a marvellous adventure waiting for you that comes in two forms: A book called Masters of Sex by Thomas Maier and a TV series of the same name, based on the biographical book about famed sex researchers, Masters and Johnson.

Carrot, Lentil and Pasta Soup

Here is a soup to warm the cockles of your heart. It is from Junita Doidge in the magazine Vegan Food and Living. I have altered it very slightly to make it even more tasty and healthy.

Session Giver and Teacher Ethics For Tantra Facilitation

It is interesting that Osho gave the following guidelines regarding Tantra:

1) That the main teacher of Tantra should always be a woman, and that no man should ever teach Tantra alone, but only if he is accompanying a woman teacher.

Sarita’s Blog: Blessings for the New Year

New Year’s Resolution

What would you like to manifest for this New Year? Have you made your New Year’s Resolution?

The Essence of Love – Meditation of the Month

This is a powerful meditation from Eckhart Tolle’s jewel of a book,
Stillness Speaks.

Love and Meditation – Osho Quote

“Love is a silence, a joy, a peace, a blissfulness between two persons.
Meditation is the same experience of silence and peace and bliss-but alone.

Female Ejaculation – Ask Sarita

I’m a regular contributor in a website devoted to Female Ejaculation. I was doing a research for my next piece of content and I stumbled upon this awesome article of yours:

Poem by Louise Hay

As part of the New Year’s Celebration, it is empowering to read and absorb this affirmation in poem form by Louise Hay from her book, You Can Heal Your Life.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles – Book Review

This amazing book, first published in 1910, by Elizabeth Towne Publishing in New York, is the Great Grandfather of all books on self-help, manifestation and abundance.

Tempeh Lettuce Tacos

Serving size: 3 tacos each for two people.

Massage is the Answer

Having worked with thousands of people over many years, it is clear to me that massage is the answer to many of the problems that are faced by individuals and humanity.

Relationship with Partner – Ask Sarita

Sarita answers 2 questions this month. One is about what women and man need in relationship from each other. And the second is about the astrological compatibility. 

Touch Your Eyes Lightly Like A Feather – Meditation of the Month

A Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation From Osho. 

Feel the Touch – Osho Quote

“When taking a shower, feel it all over the body – every drop of water touching you. Feel the touch, the coldness, the warmth!