Sarita’s Blog: Creative Expression

In January I was in Bali, an Indonesian island overflowing with beauty and creativity. Suffused in nature’s abundance, the people of Bali have developed unique and creative ways of mirroring this through their arts.”

Meditation of the Month: Blindfolded Sensorial Discovery

80% of our sensorial energy goes out through the eyes. When we blindfold ourselves, and then experience our non-visual senses, we will discover greatly enhanced power arising in the other senses.

The Goddess: Amiya Inspiration Project

“I’m so fortunate about the creative, spiritual collaboration and friendship with Sarita! We both have a similar vision. Music, Art, words and action should be in service for humanity,

Ask Sarita: 6th Chakra

Q 1) I am wondering if you could tell me more about my sixth chakra. You see, I normally use the   pendulum to check out the condition of my chakras and before they used to spin normally in circles.

Osho Quote on Music

Whenever you know the keys of how to open the doors of music you have opened the doors of heaven also. The secret lies in the music.

Recipe of the month: Raw Walnut-Goji Brownie Bites

From Alison Murray of Om Nom Ally

Film Review : To Rome with Love

A Woody Allen Film
Starring: Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni

Sarita’s Blog: Wild Woman/Tantra Man

That feeling of dancing in the rain, or praying to the moon, swimming naked in the sea, the exhilaration of a naked sunbath, making love in the forest

Ask Sarita: Only Joyful When I am in Love with a Man

Question 1 (from a woman): It seems to me that I am only ever joyful when I am in love; that I need some kind of contact with a man in order to feel whole.

Meditation of the Month: Circular Breathing During Sexual Union

1)    In order to prepare for this meditation in love union, it is very helpful to dance with your partner, or exchange a massage. Move your physical energy in one-way or another

Osho Quote: Tantric Orgasm

“Tantra is one of the most important secrets ever discovered. But it is very delicate because it is the GREATEST art. To paint is easy,

Recipe: Baltic Borscht

This soup is amazing on a cold evening. It warms the very cockles of the heart!

Poem of the Month: Pyasa Neko Siff

With you I choose to grow

And go higher

To stoke the fire

Book Review: Card Deck and Book By Pyasa Neko Siff CSB

This is the perfect Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day Gift for someone you love who is in a relationship.

Sarita’s Blog: The Creation of Conscious Communities

Vision for A New World

I have a vision for a new world. From what I hear in conversations all around the world, many people share this dream. I am now naming it, caressing each aspect

Ask Sarita: Can Tantra Give a Glimpse of Samadhi?

Question: Is it so that Tantra (sex act) can give you a glimpse of Samadhi, Satori, but cannot take one till Nirvikalpa Samadhi? I have heard Osho say that all desire including the desire for Nirvikalpa Samadhi should not

Tantra Essence is Expanding

At the time of writing, I am in Osho Nisarga near Dharamsala India for the Tantra Meditation Retreat.  In this sublime setting at the foot of the Himalayan Mountain range, besides a bubbling ever singing river is a fitting place to give the good news that a branch

Meditation of the Month: The Observer Becomes the Observed

During my first year with Osho in Mumbai in 1973, I had the great good fortune to meet with him regularly in a private setting. In these meetings,

Recipe: Mixed Sautéed Squash with a fresh sage, ginger, lime and coconut glaze

This recipe is derived from the New Cranks Recipe Book, by Nadine Abensur However, I have made some changes to make it vegan, sugar free and within the context of a balanced vegan meal.

Poem: Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle (Native American)

All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth
Befalls the sons of the earth