Sarita’s Blog : Health, Ecstasy and Holistic Lifestyles

Health and a holistic way of life is a spiritual path deep into the wonder of all the bounty inherent in our bodies and in nature itself. Recently I was privileged to meet Thomas Aksnes of Health Optimizing,

Meditation of the Month: Healing

This is a powerful healing method, which is inspired by the Hawaiian Huna tradition. It is similar to Homeopathy in the way it works, as through this method,

Osho Quote – From Medication To Meditation

“Now even scientists agree that when you kill an animal, out of fear he releases all kinds of poisons… When you kill an animal there is anger,

Ask Sarita : Soul Incarnation and Body

Question 1: Dear Sarita, I have a question and I really need to have a right concept about this. When a child is born how a spirit chooses beforehand and then reincarnates in that body?

Recipe of the Month – ‘Real’ Guacamole

As a child, I was visiting a friend of my mother and her stunningly beautiful daughter from Mexico. As we were preparing dinner together, the daughter, a girl a bit older than me,

Book Review – From Medication to Meditation by Osho

This book is a revelation in regards to bringing awareness to the whole phenomenon of ultimate health, physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

Poem : I Sing the Body Electric by Walt Whitman

“All attitudes, all the shapeliness, all the belongings of my or your body or of any one’s body, male or female,
The lung-sponges, the stomach-sac, the bowels sweet and clean,
The brain

Cacao Ceremony on the Zoe Retreat in Corfu

The Zoe Retreat to be held on the magical island of Corfu in Greece on 16 – 22 July 2016 with Sarita and Chintan now includes the very special offer of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony as part of the group!

Bees, Light and Shadow and the Kali Yuga

One of the delightful memories from my childhood is this one:

I am 3 years of age and it is a warm and sunny morning in the back garden of my home. My mother is hanging wet laundry.

Ask Sarita: Gap between spiritual and world we live in?

Q) The more spiritual knowledge is attained and the deeper I go on my path of transformation, I find myself becoming more sensitive to the daily reality we inhabit. It brings a deep sadness to see the discrepancy

Recipe of the month: Chocolate Pudding Overnight Oats with Avocado

This is from the excellent healthy food web site of  Alison Murray 

Prep time: 8 hours
Total time: 8 hours

Meditation of the Month: Space Awareness

This article and meditation practice by Tomasz Kopec M.D. (guest writer for Wake Up World) is amazing! It reminds me of a Sufi story, about a Master who had a guest visiting him. In the middle of the night,

Osho Quote: From unconsciousness to consciousness

“Hindus look at sat yuga as the golden age. And then began the fall. Treta yuga has only three legs. The sat yuga had four, like a table with four legs.

Film Review: Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy is a must see for anyone who likes to eat and who cares about planetary wellbeing. It is a documentary highlighting the investigative journey of Kip Andersen as he struggles to find the answer to this burning question:

Sex to Superconsciousness Teachers

Anahata shares his overflowing joy of Self Transformation through teaching Tantra in India and Europe. He is an entrepreneur and Founder of an Organic Fashion Brand, and has dived deeply into the world of Osho,

Sarita’s Blog: Creative Expression

In January I was in Bali, an Indonesian island overflowing with beauty and creativity. Suffused in nature’s abundance, the people of Bali have developed unique and creative ways of mirroring this through their arts.”

Meditation of the Month: Blindfolded Sensorial Discovery

80% of our sensorial energy goes out through the eyes. When we blindfold ourselves, and then experience our non-visual senses, we will discover greatly enhanced power arising in the other senses.

The Goddess: Amiya Inspiration Project

“I’m so fortunate about the creative, spiritual collaboration and friendship with Sarita! We both have a similar vision. Music, Art, words and action should be in service for humanity,

Ask Sarita: 6th Chakra

Q 1) I am wondering if you could tell me more about my sixth chakra. You see, I normally use the   pendulum to check out the condition of my chakras and before they used to spin normally in circles.

Osho Quote on Music

Whenever you know the keys of how to open the doors of music you have opened the doors of heaven also. The secret lies in the music.