Fulfilment for lovers: Sarita’s Blog

The promise of deeply fulfilling love is written into every cell of our bodies, each heartbeat and every longing of our mind. We reach out to embrace life as young persons, eager for a caress offering unconditional love.

Ask Sarita: Empowered Sexuality

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers questions on: female sexuality and our orgasmic potential.

Reviews: The Power of Sound

Sarita loved this book, which is full of testimonies to the transformational power of sound.  The mantras in this case invoke many different aspects of the divine feminine.

Spring Green Soup

Says Sarita: “This is what Roxana served to me when I visited her in Forest Row. It was so delicious I felt it would be a good addition to anyone’s recipe collection.”

Creativity: The Beloved

In our creativity section this month we have two poems for you to enjoy. Written centuries apart, the first is from the sublime Rumi and the second from the golden quill of Tara, incoming newsletter editor.

Meditation of the Month: Minding the Gap

Though designed for lovers, this meditation can also be done alone in connection with the inner beloved. If with your lover you may begin in Yab Yum, lying in Lovers’ Embrace or seated in Womens’ Delight.

Lingam, Pillar of Light: Sarita’s Blog

“Behold the Shiva Lingam, beautiful as molten gold, firm as the Himalayan Mountain, tender as a folded leaf, life-giving like the solar orb, behold the charm of his sparkling jewels!”

Meditation of the Month: Sex to Superconsciousness

This meditation uses the energy of the Lingam to open up the channel from sex to spirit. It can be done by men or women. For men, you can sense and feel your physical Lingam.

In Profile: The Return of the Phallus

Bruce Lyon delivers a powerhouse of a blog about the loss of phallus – the living word of life – which both men and women need to embrace to move our evolution forward. He argues that we need to welcome back the feminine and the masculine in their exalted form to create the heaven on earth we all know is possible.

Reviews: Tantra Initiation

Sarita was blown away by ‘Kali’s Odiyya’, a true story about the essence of love, Tantra, Kali worship and union of body and soul, all set in a dramatic and changing historical context.