Creativity: The sky is a suspended blue ocean

A poem by Hafiz from the book ‘The Subject Tonight Is Love’, translated by Daniel Ladinsky.

Meditation: Feel the Presence of the Other

Osho talks to a disciple in a personal interview on how to feel the presence of the other and expand consciousness. “Holding the hand of your woman or man, why not sit silently? Why not close your eyes and feel?”

Recipe: Middle Eastern Style Feast

Hummus, salad and pita bread make a wonderful summer feast, good for families, parties, or a delicious dinner for two. Of course, for best flavour and nutritional value, all ingredients should ideally be organic.

Ask Sarita: Awakened Kundalini


If one partner has their Kundalini awakened, does it matter if the other person in the couple does not have their Kundalini awakened?

Review: Three Miles North of Molkom

Sarita reviews the famous film about life at Ängsbacka, the place in Sweden where Sarita teaches each summer at their Tantra Festival.

Living Tantra: Sarita’s Blog

Sarita has been, and is still, travelling the world from one Tantra Festival to the other. Soon she will be living in two Tantra eco villages and, in this article, she expresses her enthusiasm in seeing that Tantra is indeed spreading to all corners of the world.

Osho: One seed can make a whole earth green

One seed can make a whole earth green.

One small sparkle of energy in you can fill the whole earth with dance, song, music.

Little Ernie

Little Ernie goes up to his father after school one day. “Dad,” says Ernie, “the teacher started talking about economics today and I don’t understand a thing.”

Meditation Unveiled: Sarita’s Blog

During my travels around the world teaching Tantra I am often asked questions about meditation. Many people still carry an outdated idea that sexuality and spirituality are separate from each other

International Tantra Festival in Ibiza

Santoshi and Niten are thrilled to be hosting the first International Tantra Festival (23-28 September 2014) on this beautiful Spanish island! A cast of internationally renowned teachers in the field of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Dance and Music, including Sarita, have been invited to share their unique talent.