Solving the Relationship Dilemma

During the past year or so there are certain questions I receive on a regular basis from people all over the world. The question below contains the essence of the collective question on the subject of Polyamory.

The Visible Sign of Love – Osho Quote

When two centers meet, there is love. And love is an alchemical phenomenon

Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Meditation of the Month

Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Manifesting Your Highest Potential

Poem by Sufi Master Farid ud Din Attar

‘The whole world is a marketplace for Love,

Prem Joshua’s album “Breath of Voavah” – CD Review

This review, first published by Osho News, was written by my sister Madhuri who is a poet, writer and human design master.

Pele: Birth of a Legend – Movie Review

An inspiring film I saw on the train which you may enjoy: is called Pele.

Kitchari – Healing Recipe from India


This healing recipe from India is the ‘go to’ food choice for anyone needing ‘comfort food’ or healing for tummy problems.

Tantra Transforms everyone who dives into it

If you’ve been thinking about joining Master Lover, my new online course for diving into the Tantra world of pleasure, intimacy and consciousness with yourself, your beloved and the sacred, let me share with you a few insights.

Learn Tantra straight from your bedroom – Master Lover Online Course

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Learn How to Unify Sexuality, Love & Spirituality

Did you ever question where your behavior and beliefs  in regards to intimacy and relationships come from? When we are born, we get influenced by a blueprint of society and family which tells us that our instinctual nature is dirty and ugly.

Living Tantra: Men and Women

About 10 years ago, I was in a silent meditation retreat in pristine nature with no interference from worldly activities. While sitting in meditation under my favourite tree, a luminous ascended master appeared in front of me.

The Power of Now and the Law of Attraction – Ask Sarita

Question: Hi Sarita. Please help me resolve this apparent dilemma: On the one hand we have to be in the present because the past and the future are just constructions in the mind.
On the other hand the law of attraction says

A Honeymoon with Yourself – Meditation of the Month

When we love ourselves, only then will we be able to love another. Having a honeymoon with yourself is one of the best ways to initiate and continue self-love.

Tantra is the Greatest Art – Osho Quote

“You are born with the capacity to love, but you are not born with the art of love. That art of love has to be taught, has to be imbibed.

Praful and Spirited Tribe – CD Review

Praful’s mastery as a musician was highlighted for me recently during our Tantra Essence Festival in Corfu Greece. He held a concert, played music for meditation and also for our magical closing ritual.

Poem by Sufi Master Hafiz

‘It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day
It will begin to happen
Again on earth –

The Most Fabulous Polenta

This recipe is different from run of the mill recipes. There are no measurements as it is made of pure passion and sunshine. Be inspired and try it out for yourself….

Embracing Our Pagan Roots

The Rites of Spring

When I was a child people used to refer to the ‘Rites of Spring’ as a hangover from Pagan times. I was told that a few customs from

 Was Jesus Enlightened?

Question: Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been reading Osho many years. Osho has acknowledged Jesus as an enlightened man in many of his early books. Jesus is also recognized as an enlightened man

Worshipping Your Body As A Temple

This is a body Puja. It has the power to completely transform your life, to help you see and experience the divine as an ever-present reality within and without, above and below.