Calendar – Tantra Events & Workshops

This calendar covers events and workshops presented by Ma Ananda Sarita and workshops designed by her which are presented by members of the Tantra Essence team. For further information contact the organiser using the contact links listed below. If you don’t find a live event which suits you, check out our online courses …

May 2021
Teachers: Sarita in English
Contact Sadhana: Email
Venue: Swasti Eco Cottages – Ubud
September 2021
12 – 25
Teachers: Sarita & Dharmaraj in English
Contact Supragya: Email
Venue: Corfu Buddha Hall – Corfu
24 – 30
Teachers: Tanmaya & Suta in English
Contact Surya: Email Info
Venue: Corfu Buddha Hall – Corfu

Calendar Update 21-0406A