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Soulmate Training by Tanmaya and Anahata

Tanmaya and her beloved Anahata are Lead Faculty members of Tantra Essence and teach many varied groups, including the Tantra Soul Mate Training. Tanmaya has written about their experience, first as participants in the training, then as apprentices and finally as teachers.

Session Giver and Teacher Ethics For Tantra Facilitation

It is interesting that Osho gave the following guidelines regarding Tantra:

1) That the main teacher of Tantra should always be a woman, and that no man should ever teach Tantra alone, but only if he is accompanying a woman teacher.

Learn How to Unify Sexuality, Love & Spirituality

Did you ever question where your behavior and beliefs  in regards to intimacy and relationships come from? When we are born, we get influenced by a blueprint of society and family which tells us that our instinctual nature is dirty and ugly.