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Talking Tantra

Sarita and Yogi Malik of Yoga Magazine chat about a vast array of Tantric subjects – from Kundalini to Mantras, chakras to sacred sites, to how to bring Tantra into your daily life.

Pleasure as a Spiritual Path: Sarita’s Blog

For some strange reason, down the ages, there has been a war of minds about the virtues or damages of using pleasurable states as a support for spiritual awakening.

A New Vision of Paradise: Sarita’s Blog

“This very place, the Lotus Paradise,

This very body, the Buddha.”

Tantric Tips: Goddess Nature

Sarita reveals her secrets to creating and embracing a goddess lifestyle. From facials to meditation to taking care of the planet, there are many ways to express your goddess nature!

Tantric Tips: Passion

Devaraj of the Osho Leela community in Dorset and Tantra Team member Roxana lead workshops on awakening passion. These are their top tips to help you find and live your passionate side more fully.

Freedom, Love and Harmony: Sarita’s Blog

Our society is ripe for a Tantra Renaissance – Sarita explains why the time is right for us to live Tantrically, realise our genius and become fully human.

What Is Sex Addiction And Can It Be Cured?

The sexual urge – what happens when it’s repressed; the root of sex-addiction and the way out of it.

Sexual Desire – the Biology and the Ecstasy

Tantra and the Arts of Love

Sarita talks about the difference between Tantra and the temple arts of sacred sexuality, why they are both vital to a healthy society, and why we need to distinguish between the two. This is the transcript of a live talk.

Tantric Tips: Soul Mate

How can you find your soul mate? There are many different ways, but here are three that Sarita recommends – online deep dating, human design and coaching.

Sex – Heaven on Earth: Sarita’s Blog

A very interesting book on accelerated learning offers indications that it is sexual energy which fuels our capacity to learn and store information.

Tantric Tips: Spicing Up Your Sex Life

In an occasional series, we feature tips on how to create a Tantric lifestyle. Here Sarita recommends ways to bring more juice into the bedroom!

Ask Sarita: Self-Pleasuring

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on: self-pleasuring

Spontaneous, Playful Love

Sarita spent many years in Osho’s community and says that listening to him speak was one of the key things that lead her towards her own self-realisation.

Sex, Love and Spirit: Sarita’s Blog

As I write this blog, I am also involved in teaching a Level 2 Couples Tantra Group, being held at Chateau Belle Vue in France. At this time of writing, the couples are in their bedroom, diving deeply into the meeting of sexuality, love and spirituality.

The Alchemy of Tantra: Sarita’s Blog

When I arrived from India to the UK in 1998, there was not much Tantra happening. The notion many people carried about it was limited to a general belief that it is something to do with free sex, orgies, candles, incense and a few feathers thrown in.

Tantra: A Transmission From East to West

Sarita talks about how she has brought her experiences with Osho in India to her Tantra workshops in Europe.

What Men and Women Want: Sarita’s Blog

Last month, Niten and I were in Lithuania teaching Tantra Spirit, a four day group devoted to exploring and weaving together sexuality, love and spirituality.

Integrity in Tantra & Sexual Healing

Sarita addresses the sensitive subject of integrity for the practitioner of Tantra and Healing. This is the second extract transcribed from her discourse on Tantra and sacred sexual healing.

Two Banks of the River of Life

Sarita shares her passion for re-addressing the imbalance of male and female energy in our society and sees the new dawn of the fluid, multi-orgasmic woman and the powerful, vulnerable, pillar-of-consciousness man!

The Ordinary, Ecstatic Truth

Budding couples Tantra teacher Fiona talks about how moved she is by the blossoming of couples (including her own!) into ecstatic, wonderful, ordinary truth