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Making Love to the Stars, Sky and Clouds – Meditation of the Month

This meditation offered by Osho is really profound. After the ending of a relationship when I was younger, I practiced this meditation every day for 6 months. It liberated me beyond measure, because once we understand through lived experience that we are the beloved of nature and of the universe, there is no turning back. Our capacity for inner ecstasy expands. Through this meditation we discover limitless ecstasy as an irrefutable truth.

Moola Mantra – Meditation of the Month

Chanting this mantra is an affirmation of the supreme intelligence of life. By chanting it for several minutes before bed or on waking, it will infuse your night with bliss and your day with an expansive experience of universal consciousness. Mantras offer us a science for manifesting our inner potential.

Achieving Tranquillity – Meditation of the Month

Whenever you feel the mind is not tranquil – tense, worried, chattering, anxiety, constantly dreaming – do one thing: First exhale deeply. Always start by exhaling. Exhale deeply: As much as you can, throw the air out. With the throwing of the air the mood will be thrown out, because breathing is everything.

Bhuta Shuddhi – Meditation of the Month

This is an ancient Tantra Yoga Technique. There are many ways of practicing it and in essence, it is a methodology for falling in tune with the elements both in the outer and inner world. The technique below, comes from Yoga Burn;

Inner Light – Meditation of the Month

By Dr. Rajiv Parti (with Paul Perry) from his book: Dying to Wake Up

(Dr Parti learned this meditation from a Guru in an ashram in the Himalayas)

Be Love – Meditation of the Month

“Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy. Feel vibrating with a new frequency, feel swaying as if you are in the ocean of love.

Meditation of the Month – A Silent Retreat for Lovers

Returning To The Garden

You can do this retreat with your Beloved for one day or for several days.

Be in a place with no disturbance, no phone, no computer, no TV, no radio. Make sure no one will be coming to disturb your peace by knocking on the door.

Osho Quote – The New Dawn

“This unconsciousness can be broken only if the people whose life has become meditation, whose life has become a pure love, whose life has become a compassion, start waking up other sleeping people:

Ask Sarita – Two Questions on Meditation and Enlightened Beings

Question 1)Osho’s lectures run into the thousands. I am confused whether to follow the advices in each and every lecture? In every lecture there are always good points to practice and follow. But it is becoming too burdening to do so for me as a student. Can you please provide me a solution?”

Meditation of the Month From Guthema Roba

“The best place
to practice kindness
is your own heart.

Sensorial Meditation for Lovers

Maintain a no speaking rule during the entire meditation. Sounds are fine, but do not use words. This will help your experience to go much deeper.

Meditation of the Month: Osho Tratak Meditation

This is one of the very first meditation series I practiced after meeting Osho. It opened me to the vast mystery of being and set me on the path of meditation in a very powerful way.

The Inner Light of Awareness – Meditation of the Month

By Osho

“If you light your inner lamp, suddenly the world disappears, and there is only the divine. The whole thing depends on your inner awareness or unawareness.

Discovering Your Sensorial Map – Meditation of the Month

To test your sensorial orientation, you can do the following exercise with a friend. Stand up and, with your eyes closed, imagine you are in front of a house. It could be a house you know, or a house you don’t know. Describe the house.

Sensorial Awakening

One of the beautiful songs, created by the Baul Mystics, of Bengal India, says:

 “All of us in different ways
Think of God
Beyond senses and feelings
And yet it is only
In the essence of loving
That God is found”

Meditation of the Month – Ho’oponopono

This Hawaiian Shamanic mantra is the ultimate for healing discord within yourself, with others and with the whole. By saying it, we are acknowledging that we are all connected in the web of life. If I have been hurt, it is because I offer myself to become hooked in the game of victim and aggressor.

Taoist Bone Breathing – Meditation of the Month

The following article is by Carolanne Wright, writer for Wake Up World. She introduces us to the miraculous ancient Chinese Bone Breathing Technique brought to the Western World by Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

Tantric Sexual Union – Meditation of the Month

This is a description of a Tantric Sexual Practice from a Hindu scripture, Gupta Sadhana Tantra, as recounted in the book: Spiritual Sex, by Nik Douglas.

The Essence of Love – Meditation of the Month

This is a powerful meditation from Eckhart Tolle’s jewel of a book,
Stillness Speaks.

Love and Meditation – Osho Quote

“Love is a silence, a joy, a peace, a blissfulness between two persons.
Meditation is the same experience of silence and peace and bliss-but alone.