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Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Meditation of the Month

Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Manifesting Your Highest Potential

A Honeymoon with Yourself – Meditation of the Month

When we love ourselves, only then will we be able to love another. Having a honeymoon with yourself is one of the best ways to initiate and continue self-love.

Worshipping Your Body As A Temple

This is a body Puja. It has the power to completely transform your life, to help you see and experience the divine as an ever-present reality within and without, above and below.

Osho Kundalini Meditation

This meditation awakens and balances Kundalini flow using a Yin approach. Osho recommended that it be done in the late afternoon. It helps to unwind from a day of work and begin your evening fresh and

Experiencing Sex as a Meditation

When we wish to explore sexual union as a meditation, it is very supportive to begin by creating sacred space. The place you do the meditation in should be clean and clear of clutter.

Meditation of the Month: Removing the Voices that are not yours

Osho, in sharing the method he used to become enlightened, spoke about this technique:

Become attentive to the voices in your head and learn to

Meditation of the Month – Osho Dynamic Meditation

This is Osho’s signature meditation. It is an active meditation for all ages, and in particular it is great for young people to transform all their swirling energy into a coherent and positive direction. I was introduced to it when I met Osho

Meditation of the Month: Enter the Soundless Sound

This is one of the 112 sutras from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, commented on by Osho in the Book of Secrets.

In the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Paravati is asking questions to Shiva, her Beloved, on the nature of life,

Meditation of the Month: Healing

This is a powerful healing method, which is inspired by the Hawaiian Huna tradition. It is similar to Homeopathy in the way it works, as through this method,

Meditation of the Month: Space Awareness

This article and meditation practice by Tomasz Kopec M.D. (guest writer for Wake Up World) is amazing! It reminds me of a Sufi story, about a Master who had a guest visiting him. In the middle of the night,

Meditation of the Month: Blindfolded Sensorial Discovery

80% of our sensorial energy goes out through the eyes. When we blindfold ourselves, and then experience our non-visual senses, we will discover greatly enhanced power arising in the other senses.

Meditation of the Month: Circular Breathing During Sexual Union

1)    In order to prepare for this meditation in love union, it is very helpful to dance with your partner, or exchange a massage. Move your physical energy in one-way or another

Meditation of the Month: The Observer Becomes the Observed

During my first year with Osho in Mumbai in 1973, I had the great good fortune to meet with him regularly in a private setting. In these meetings,

Meditation of the Month: Hear the sound of your name

“Hear the sound of your name, and through this sound, all sounds.”

This is a beautiful and profound meditation from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. It is the ultimate mantra!

Meditation of the Month and Book Review

Osho has offered his commentary on each of the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra in the Book of Secrets. I have read thousands of books in my life. If I was travelling to another planet and could only take one book with me, it would be The Book of Secrets. Why?

Meditation of the Month: Osho Devavani Meditation

This is a really special meditation developed by Osho and can also be helpful in promoting a good night’s sleep. Music is available from

Tantra is the Solution

In February, this year, Sarita taught a Masterclass at the Rasayana Tantra Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Masterclass ran over 3 days and was centred on Tantric meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Meditation of the Month: Bio Resonance

This Tantra meditation can be practiced with a lover, to bring resonance and harmony to the male-female dynamic.

To see pictures of each phase of this meditation please refer to pages  175-177 of Divine Sexuality

Meditation of the Month: Sound Pyramid

This is an experience of Sound. Listen to it and be transported through a portal into the beyond. During our Tantra Level 6 for Couples,

Meditation of the month: STOP!

This is one of the methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, (a collection of 112 meditations methods given by Shiva to Paravati.)

“Just as you have the impulse to do something, STOP!”