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Tantra Summer Holiday

Join Sarita this Summer at various festivals and events around Europe, and make your summer a Tantra Holiday! Catch her in France, England, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Sweden.

2012 & the Great Law of Magic Webinar

Manifesting your desires and consciously creating your life were the subject of Sarita’s webinar yesterday evening. We had 93 participants on the webinar from all round the world (people from 31 different countries registered!).


Energy, Meditation and Tantra

Sarita ran a meditation camp near Nagpur in India to celebrate Osho’s birthday in December. Khirad, who co-facilitated the camp with her, reports back on the experience.

Sarita’s New Home

Hello Beloved Friends,

I just want to share my great joy to have moved into my second home, which happens to be in a Chateau in France!

11.11.11 Universal Heart Meditation Webinar

Yesterday on 11.11.11 at 11am GMT Sarita gave her first webinar and guided 92 people in 29 countries in the Universal Heart Meditation. The Universal Heart Meditation is a very potent way to expand into infinite love and helps us welcome the new energy – the highest frequency available to humanity at this time.


The Alchemy of Tantra: Sarita’s Blog

When I arrived from India to the UK in 1998, there was not much Tantra happening. The notion many people carried about it was limited to a general belief that it is something to do with free sex, orgies, candles, incense and a few feathers thrown in.

Sarita’s Corfu Retreat

I’d like to share with you my recent delicious holiday in Corfu, Greece. I have been going to Corfu regularly for 20 years, teaching groups and also for holidays.

Response to Norway events

It has been very shocking to hear about the madman who singlehandedly killed so many innocent people, including children, in Oslo, Norway. I have been praying and meditating for whatever healing may be possible around this event.

Fast Track to Grace

Qiming review’s the first ever Tantra and Tachyon combined group – Tantac – facilitated by herself and Sarita that took place in May.

Let Beauty Lead the Way: Sarita’s Blog in Japan

Being a lover of beauty, I try to come to Japan each year in April for cherry blossom season, and in spite of dire warnings after the natural and man-created disasters in the North of Japan

Tantra Spirit Alive In Latvia: Sarita’s Blog

My first impression of Riga was, “oh my God, it’s still winter here! It was minus 5, with a biting wind. We barely had time to get to the venue where our evening conference was to be held.

Sacred India Highlights 2010

Participants from the first Sacred India Tour share some of their highlights. From the funeral pyres and pujas of Varanasi, to the sacred sexuality of Khajuraho; from the ecstasy of Osho’s enlightenment tree to the simplicity of his birth place

Tantra Meditation Retreat 2010

November saw the completion of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra meditation retreat trilogy – some of the Indian participants had also participated on the previous two retreats and so experienced an astonishing 108 meditations in all.

Sacred India Tour 2010

Sacred India has no beginning and no ending. It allows us to experience the eternal song of life in all it’s multidimensional facets. It is the home of my soul, and returning here for a spiritual pilgrimage brings immense fulfilment.

Tantra Meditation Retreat 2010: Sidika’s Blog

November saw the completion of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra meditation retreat trilogy – some of the Indian participants had also participated on the previous two retreats and so experienced an astonishing 108 meditations in all. No lack of choice there!

Aligning With the Matrix

Sidika’s first Tachyon group was a divinely aligning experience. Read about the restorative, healing and transforming affects of practising Tantra and Tachyon together.

Tachyon Power: Unleash Your Potential!

Soham explains how, with the help of Tantra and Tachyon combined, you can be spiritually and materially empowered and create in the world in a way that serves yourself and others.

Tantra Hits the English Countryside!

Welcome to the first ever Osho Leela Tantra Festival – and what a festival it was! Sidika shares her experience of being bowled over with love……

Growing Wings to Fly

Sarita talks about her joy of being at the first ever Osho Leela Tantra Festival, the abundance of love it created and how she loved meeting and working with other teachers.

A Cosmic Cloud of Love at Croydon Hall

Catharine Stott rode the waves of pleasure, excitement, nervousness, fear and love, dissolving into bliss on Tantra Man-Tantra Woman in June.