Books by Ma Ananda Sarita

Divine Sexuality by SaritaDivine Sexuality: The Joy of Tantra *
by Ma Ananda Sarita PhD

Everything you ever wanted to know about sex with the added benefit of the Tantra approach.

It is beautifully illustrated with explicit, tasteful colour photos. Full of information and practical exercises guaranteed to bring fresh understanding to the vital subject of sex and relating.
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Published by Findhorn Press – ISBN 978-1-84409-534-6 – £12.99

* New revised edition with new pictures and design by Shivananda. Previously published in the UK by Gaia books under the title Tantric Sex, and by Simon and Schuster in the United States under the title Ecstatic Sex.

Tantric Love by Geho and SaritaTantric Love: Journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy
by Sarita & Geho

This practical step-by-step guide is written for individuals and couples seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and a long lasting, fulfilling relationship with their love partner. A combination of beautiful full colour imagery and groundbreaking narrative guide and inspire the reader on his or her Tantric journey.

Published by Gaia Books – ISBN 1-856-75205-4 – £12.99 –