Pathways to Ecstasy

Suta was blown away by the depth and love present at the weekend he taught with Sarita in London, at the end of November, “The Ecstasy of Tantra”.

Alternatives weekend, 28/29thNovember


On the last weekend in November, I had the pleasure of holding a two day group with Sarita in London, “The Ecstasy of Tantra”, organised by Alternatives. We had a great team of experienced helpers to support us on this workshop, and in all there were about 55 participants, including many newcomers, taking a fast and deep journey.

We worked with the chakras as the map to this journey, which took us through many states – sexy, playful, dynamic, tender and magical. The group really opened up and dived right in, creating a tangible feeling of ecstasy and wonder in a short space of time. There was a noticeable shiny glow on people’s faces by the end of the weekend, and a beautiful feeling of togetherness – it took 10 minutes for the goodbye kiss to go round the circle!

The chakra system

Comments from the group included:

“This is truly great stuff. We all need this”

“The course was wonderful and fulfilled all my needs and beyond”

“It gave me faith in life’s wonderfulness….and restored some confidence in me that there is LOVE in this world….I haven’t felt feelings of love, happiness, gratefulness, peace, grace for such a long time. I thought I have but after this course, those feeling seem nothing compared to how I feel right now. I thank god for bringing this wonderful weekend into my life!!!”

I notice that people are really able to move through their limitations and let go of their stresses more quickly these days, and reconnect with and remember our true nature. More and more people are exploring new ways, answering some calling – it is a heart-warming joy to witness and be part of this expansion. Long may it continue to spread!

With love,


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