Meditation of the Month: Orgasmic Joy!

The easiest way to leave your body aside is to learn the language of orgasm and dissolve into total joy.

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra “Toss attachment for body aside, realising I am everywhere. One who is everywhere is joyous.”

To understand this meditation we need to begin from the last word; ‘joyous.’ If you go deeply into the feeling of joy it becomes clear that joy as such has no container. When we are in a state of pure joy, there is no mind, no awareness of physical limitations. Rather, there is a feeling of limitlessness, expansiveness, lightness. There is a saying, “angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.” Yes, and humans can also have the experience of being weightless and free to fly. The moment we are in love, there is joyous abandon. In this sense, love becomes the bridge from the density of form to formlessness and expansion.

One of the easiest ways to experience the nectar of this sutra is through orgasm. When you are with your lover, in total abandon, surrendered to powerful surges of pleasure and ecstasy, you can go into such a deep let go that you completely forget you have a body or mind. In the moment of orgasm, even though the impulse for orgasm is physical, it has the capacity of propelling us from a full body experience of ecstasy into an out of the body merging with the cosmos. We literally, “toss attachment for body aside” as we plunge into the free-fall known as orgasm.

Once we have learned the language of orgasm, then we can apply this same principle to meditation in general. Looking at a sunrise is enough to bring it on. Walking through the forest is enough to help you take flight. Sitting on your meditation cushion can become ascension from the finite to the infinite. The language of orgasm is the same language of mystic experience of all kinds.

The first step is to be in a full body aliveness.

The 2nd step is to be in a deep let go, surrendered and in trust of what is arising.

The 3rd step is to move beyond body and mind.

The 4th step is to dissolve into the whole.

Down the ages, mystics have described the experience of enlightenment in very similar ways. Some of the main descriptions which are used are:

“There is no more I as separate from the whole.”

“There is oneness with all that is; I am the tree, I am the rock, I am the rivers and the oceans, I am the whisper of the wind in the trees.”

“Body dissolves into pure light”

“It is the ultimate orgasm with the universe”

You can begin this meditation by learning the language of orgasm, and then apply this quality to as many areas in your life as you can. The sutra in this way will become such an alive and vibrant door for you, that one day, whenever you are ready, you will know the fullness of the blessing that the sutra is describing. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions, and a whole universe to gain.

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