Breathing Love, Life and a Rollercoaster Ride

Satori, saxophones and breaking beds – all part of the course on Couples Level 1! Read Suta’s review of Sarita’s last Level 1 in the UK.


In June, partners came from all over the UK, India, Spain, Norway and the USA – even Australia (!) to be ‘in’ on Sarita’s last couples level 1 in the UK.

As ever it is my privilege and joy to see couples taking the ‘rollercoaster ride’ through some of the difficult patterns that may have been causing some dissatisfaction or stagnation in their relating, and come into a greater depth of love and appreciation for themselves and their beloved. This time there were a few surprises – a number of people were clearly having Satori experiences – moments of enlightened perception and clarity ….. and, more down to earth, one couple managed to collapse their bed during one of their ‘love-appointments’ !!

Divine, Tantric Praful and Peru

We were also gifted with a live concert of beautiful music by Praful and Peru. Praful is a highly talented blower of saxophones and flutes whose music I have admired for some years. Peru is a more recent discovery for me and this was my first time seeing her live. My goddess! She is a force of Nature when singing – together their performance was an exquisite transmission with a strong Tantric flavour that complemented our group work perfectly. Check out their CD ‘Breathing Love‘.

The group was truly a delight with most of the couples already expressing an intention to go ‘all the way’ to level 7 in 2012.

Suta teaches singles and couples groups with Sarita and the Tantra Essence Tantra Team, as well as with his own company. Choose Bliss Now. He also offers Tantra in the Dark retreats and is a master bodyworker and healer.

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