Aligning With the Matrix

Sidika’s first Tachyon group was a divinely aligning experience. Read about the restorative, healing and transforming affects of practising Tantra and Tachyon together.

Last week I attended my first Tachyon group. It was lead by Sarita and Qiming and combined together Tachyon and Tantric meditations for the first time. I originally came across Tachyon at the Osho ashram in Pune, India when my friend showed me her Tachyonised necklace. I think it was the same year when I met David Wagner, the inventor of the Tachyonization process, who was giving a demonstration in the ashram. It sounded fascinating but I didn’t jump in at that time. Many years later, I experienced the restorative effects of the Tachyon cocoon during lunch breaks on Sarita’s Tantra courses at Croydon Hall – quite amazing!

A little more time went by and I had my most quantifiable healing with the cocoon. I was on a 5 day residential Tantra course with another Tantra teacher and had arrived with an upset stomach – OK let’s be blunt – I had diarrhoea and was feeling pretty untantric. I’d come straight from a voice workshop so it was probably a clearing from that but that was small comfort at the time. As the days went by, I seemed to get weaker and weaker and was not really enjoying myself so much – not so easy to be sitting in Yab Yum where too much relaxation may have been unfortunate!

Anyhow, after 3 or 4 days, the lovely Tanja (who I didn’t really know at the time) asked me in the evening if I was still feeling bad – I nodded bleakly and she whisked me up to her room and put me in her cocoon  while she went off to the party downstairs. Ah what bliss, I began to feel myself being worked on by the Tachyon energy and soon fell asleep. I woke up about two hours later, felt slightly alarmed that perhaps I’d overcooked myself, folded up the cocoon, went back to my room and went to bed. Next morning, I felt like anew person, full of energy, no sign of upset stomach and extremely relieved to be back in the Tantra groove.

And now finally here I was in my first Tachyon group and eagerly awaiting my very own Tachyonised Vortex pendant (pictured left) which I had been assured would align my chakras. I’d been having a bit of a rough ride over the last few weeks so I was looking forward to the energetic support offered. The other participants came from far and wide  -Norway, Poland and Brazil were well-represented – everyone with their different story of how they had first encountered Tachyon.

Sarita and Qiming told us of the coming delights of the group – great anticipation and excitement. “OK, that’s the good news”, said Sarita. “Now for the bad news – the Tachyon pendants haven’t yet arrived and appear to have got lost in the international post!” Tanja and Qiming’s husband Gordon were doing their best to trace them but unfortunately tracking numbers didn’t translate from one country to another. Always one to see the opportunity value of a ‘problem’, Sarita explained how valuable it was to experience some of the exercises without wearing the pendant and then notice the difference when we did them again with our pendant. She explained that sometimes people got lazy and just expected the Tachyon pendant to do all the work for them, whereas in reality we still had to do the work of transformation for ourselves, with the Tachyon there to enhance and provide a sustained support for the energy work. Everyone seemed remarkably unphased and raring to go pendant or no pendant.

The first day included a fair amount of information on what Tachyon energy is and how it derives from the Zero Point Field and interacts with the ‘subtle organising energy fields’ around all matter. The SOEFs ( a term coined by Gabriel Cousens of raw food fame) are essentially a blueprint or matrix for all matter. I absolutely love this kind of stuff and get really inspired exploring the territory where spirituality and science meet. We looked at the chakra system and how when this is fully open to the descent of divine energy, this is known as being vertically aligned and how trees and plants and most animals are naturally in this state – it’s only in humans and sometimes their pets) were things begin to go awry. The Tachyon pendant helps pierce open this channel and keeps us in vertical alignment.

Sarita explained about the concept of bifurcation – the way life repeatedly switches between order and chaos. In the chaos (or bifurcation) phase there is a choice – a reassemblage to a higher order of evolution or a breakdown into entropy and lower levels of order – it’s all a matter of consciousness. Disease occurs where bifurcation has led to entropy. This period on our planet is also a bifurcation point culminating in the changes in 2012. Tachyon speeds up the bifurcation process and helps us move through our ‘stuff’ – i.e all that is preventing us from living to our fullest divine potential. The various meditations and practices which we would be learning during the group would help us to handle this increased transformational load. I must admit, I had a slight wobble at this point – “Didn’t I already have enough going on already without speeding it up?”, I asked myself.

At the end of a very full day I travelled back on the bus with fellow participant Sam – we had a great time discussing energy, metaphysics and shamanism. Next day we did some beautiful Tantric meditations and began our entrainment practices with the trees, bushes and flowers in the garden.

Entrainment is a process where you come into resonance with something and literally become it – I was already familiar with it from my shamanic studies (where it’s known as grocking) and also through one of the meditations in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Online Meditation Series. Even so, I did find it quite challenging at times – Oh mind, please be a servant and not the master! Coming into resonance with a tree which is naturally in perpetual vertical alignment, helps us to access that space ourselves. I think I need to divorce my computer for a while and go and live in the woods for a bit – there’s some beautiful woods close to where I live in Bristol and I always feel immensely nourished when I walk there – now I understand better why.

Over the next few days we explored several more Tantric meditations including some of my favourites from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. A particularly powerful one for me was one practicing The Great Law of Magic which can be stated as “Live the results and the cause will follow.” Sarita asked us to choose one strong desire and then write down what we would be feeling once we had achieved that desire. I wont say here what my desire was (big clue: to do with relationships!) but what I imagined I was wanting through the fulfilment of this desire was to feel ‘relaxed and joyful’. At first, I thought this sounded a bit tame, but it was what came to me spontaneously and the more we continued with the exercise expressing these particular qualities, the more I realised how profound and yet obvious was this insight. I am a self-confessed workaholic and can be a wee bit serious at times. In my early days in the Osho ashram, I was a zealous practitioner of Tibetan Pulsing ( a bit like sustained Shiatsu) and the organ I resonated was Lungs – which in the positive expresses joy and in the negative takes on too much and gets stressed (i.e. opposite to relaxed!). Here was a clear message to me – a useful filter when presented with choices- will this new opportunity bring me joy and relaxation or something else – perhaps more ego-fulfilling, but ultimately less nourishing? Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that (or is it??) but I feel quite excited at the prospect of a new joyful and relaxed me!

I found some of the practices we learned to help us deal with bifurcation accelerated by Tachyon quite demanding. We did some very powerful work on dissolving the ego using a technique invented by David Wagner – something which I will continue to use – as naturally some of my ego escaped! All of this work was hugely nourished by the delicious raw food lunches which arrived everyday and the exquisite raw chocolate cake in the afternoon tea break! Other highlights of the group for me were the party and Qiming’s demonstration of the various Tachyon products available. Finally we came to say goodbye, and were all wearing our beautiful new Tachyon pendants (which arrived by courier at the venue at the same time as the original order meandered it’s way to Qiming’s house!). I’m sure I saw a glint in Sarita’s eye when she kissed me goodbye and said, “Ah Sidika, I’m looking forward to hearing about your bifurcation processes!

For the next four days I found myself on a Tachyon honeymoon – feeling very peaceful and relaxed. A big bifurcation blip on day five, precipitated by some weird dreams and soothed by a couple of self-applied mini Colour Light Therapy treatments (thanks for the suggestions, Kamla!) and then OK again the last couple of days – the process continues! I do really sense a shift in my core to a more self-compassionate, relaxed way of being….something which I hope will blossom in the Tantra Meditation Retreat in Dharamsala next month. Hooray – back to India after an absence of more than six years!

Love and alignment

Sidika (newly Tachyonized version)

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