Ask Sarita: Relaxation

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Dear Sarita,

I have a busy and stressful life, with not much time for meditation. Is there a simple Tantra method that can help me to relax?

Love Navin


Hello Navin,

For relaxation, I believe one of the best techniques is the ‘Secret of the Golden Flower’, which is a Taoist Tantra technique that Osho spoke about at length. In this technique, we breathe golden light through the crown chakra, filling up the whole body from head to toes with the golden light as we breathe in. Then, with the out breath, we allow darkness to fill the body, from the toes up to the head. This breathing is done for 20 minutes, just upon waking, or just before sleep. It is deeply relaxing and harmonizing. It helps to merge the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and bring harmony between our yin and yang elements inside the body.

Love Sarita x

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