Two Banks of the River of Life

Sarita shares her passion for re-addressing the imbalance of male and female energy in our society and sees the new dawn of the fluid, multi-orgasmic woman and the powerful, vulnerable, pillar-of-consciousness man!

Hello beloveds,

One of my favourite topics is male and female energy – particularly how both have become out of balance in our times. This is a really urgent subject and I see us at the threshold of great transformation. I am doing my best to help support a positive transformation for individuals, relationships and society.

Anatolian (modern day Turkey) fertility goddess from 6000 BC

Anatolian (modern day Turkey) fertility goddess from 6000 BC

Power of the goddess

In ancient times, the mother goddess was the focal point for worship. In some cultures, it was not known that the man played an important role in the creation of new life. This gave women a very powerful position.

Unfortunately, she abused her power, offering men in human sacrifice, asking for him to castrate himself in order to serve in her temples, and so on. Finally men got sick and tired of this and grabbed the reins of power. What followed has been 2000 years of men abusing their power, and suppressing women through myriad ways. The most prevalent ways were to suppress her powerful orgasms, and to blot out the ancestral memory of her inherent gift of intuition. She was burned at the stake as a witch because she practiced intuitive healing and she was kept enchained by ownership through marriage.

In the new dawn which we can begin to sense on the horizon, men and women need to learn to live together as complementary opposites, gods and goddesses who are custodians of earth’s resources rather than her rapist. Tantra offers master keys for helping men and women to find that place of resonant fusion where opposites meet and merge. One of the important keys is to help men and women to live their true nature.

When a woman is in her natural flow and man is in his pillar of consciousness, there will be magnetic attraction. The bottom line is, we should not expect men to be like women, nor women to be like men, but rather, learn to respect and even cultivate our differences. We can learn from each other yet not be consumed by the other.

Shiva, the fire of awareness

Shiva, the fire of awareness

Containing the contradictions

The secret of a powerful man is that he is a pillar of consciousness who is able to contain all the contradictions of life and remain centred. This begins by him accepting his power and his vulnerability together in the same moment. He accepts his animal instinct as well as his intellectual refinement. He is thus able to hold a woman who is the very embodiment of contradictions. She is Shakti, containing all the varied and liquid forms of feminine nature. Ruled by the moon, she changes with the ebb and flow of the tides. Her orgasm catapults her beyond mind, into transcendent reality. The greatest gift for the man happens when he is able to be the pure fire of awareness, Shiva, holding Shakti as she lets go into multi orgasmic splendour.

The secret of a powerful woman is that she is fully alive to her loving, devotional, emotional and psychic abilities. She is fluid like water, and is therefore able to accept change easily. Going with the flow, is the way of yin. She craves nothing so much as finding a man, or a god to whom she may abandon herself to in fullest surrender. Letting go and being possessed by the divine masculine is her deepest ecstasy. She is able to let go, because her throne is the heart, the seat of love. And every woman knows deep down, that God is love, and that love is God. Since the very essence of divinity finds its abode in her heart, she can afford to be sweet, giving and nurturing.

Now imagine for a moment what an amazing world we would be living in, if men and women lived their true opposite and yet complementary natures, with integrity. Imagine a politician who was in touch with his vulnerable inner child, while at the same time was able to remain rooted in his pillar of consciousness, nourished by deep meditation. Imagine a politician who was able to offer his beloved a night of multi orgasmic union, and was then able to give a speech to the nation on the necessity of caring for the earth as we would care for our own mother. He is both strong, and vulnerable, and this is what makes him eminently attractive. He has learned the art of loving a woman and this has ignited the desire to love and care for his country.

And imagine, how it would be, if a radiantly loving multi orgasmic woman were to work in a corporate setting, and had the power to run it her way. Her office is full of plants and flowers, she offers holistic healing to her workers, and her company has the feeling of a loving family. All her customers are encouraged to love and nurture themselves and she has a unique system of profit sharing and a clear intention to give back to the earth whatever has been borrowed. The building she works in has been designed to honour the undulating contours of nature, and is ecological and self sustaining.

Statues in Khajuraho

Statues in Khajuraho

Our deeper potentials

In our present time, it is unfortunate that men have forgotten their deeper potential. They tend to be either at the extreme of testosterone, going amok on a power crazed rape of the earth and her resources, or in the opposite extreme of feeling so deeply apologetic for being men that they become effeminate and cut off from their masculine resources. And women, ahh, sisters, how sad it is to see you turning your back on feminine grace and trying in vain to compete with men by acquiring masculine qualities! You will be able to help yourselves and the world much more, by opening up your true feminine glory. The Goddess is back, and this time, she seeks balance of the sexes. Like two banks of a river, we appear separate, and yet in the middle of the river of life, we meet, and experience being one in essence. How rich is the union of opposites!

I see the future as that of love, joy and celebration. I sense that in the new dawn of humanity, Tantra will find its true place, offering as it does the alchemy for the meeting of sex, love and spirit. When our animal nature is recognized as divine, and when our spirituality is fully embodied, we will then know the fullness of our potential. We will discover wholeness, and healing. We will realize God as male and female in perfect union.

Love and blessings to you all,

Sarita x


If you would like to delve more deeply into experiencing your true masculine or feminine nature – and becoming part of the new dawn –Tantra-Man Tantra-Woman is the ideal group for you! It was designed by Sarita and the Tantra team specifically to address the imbalance in male and female energy in our times, and to help people relax into the gifts of their own sex, meeting the opposite sex from a place of empowerment and joy.

You can read the full text of this article in Kindred Spirit’s Mind Body Spirit festival special May/June edition.

Picture of Shiva copyright Kalyan
Picture of fertility goddess copyright Zigomar

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