Meditation of the Month: Cosmic Energy

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Feel your substance, bones, flesh, blood, saturated with the cosmic essence.”

This meditation is very nourishing and is also a wonderful way to tune in to the flow of life. It’s great if you are feeling the need for some energy or healing, or if you want to practise letting go of control and surrendering to the river of life force energy.

To practise this meditation, we can use the method of Latihan, brought to the world by Bapak Subud, who lived in Indonesia and spread his method around the world in the last century. Latihan means to give up control of your body and allow cosmic energy to come in and move through you, so you are not the doer. You are simply allowing cosmic consciousness to flow through you, surrendering to the energy of existence. Moment to moment, you don’t know what the next movement will be. This creates a profound unwinding of all that you are not, leaving you saturated with cosmic essence.

There are two ways to practise this meditation:

1) Begin with raised arms, palms up towards the sky. Be receptive to the subtle energy of existence, like a reed in the breeze, and allow your body to begin swaying or moving with soft and subtle gestures. The movement becomes like a spontaneous Tai Chi. Just keep opening to receive cosmic energy and see how it wants to move your body.

2) Another way you can do it is lying down. When you do it lying down, it can be used for profound healing. For example, if someone is unable to walk or move naturally, they can do this meditation in bed, and just lying there, they can sense the subtle energy of existence moving in the interior of their body – their bones, their flesh, their blood, everything is being connected and moved by that cosmic essence. If you tune into this subtle layer, there is always some movement happening – the blood is flowing, the lymph is flowing, the heart is beating – and if you can allow these subtle aspects to be permeated by the cosmic essence, a deep healing can occur.

Either way, practise it for 20 or 40 minutes. End with a bow and namaste, and ring a gong or a Tibetan bowl three times, to bring yourself back.

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