Osho On Sex

“Lose your pride, let it become greed; lose your greed, let it become anger; lose your anger, let it become sex. Sex is the original energy. And from sex there is a possibility of transformation, because sex gives you the first glimpses of samadhi.



Sex lived totally, sex loved totally, will make you aware for the first time of the peak moments, of the climaxes.

And on those sunlit peaks, great silence prevails; the ego has been dropped far behind in the valleys, time has disappeared somewhere on the way. You are no more separate; you are not a person but just a pulsation, a presence. Sex gives you moments of that experience when you are simply pulsating in rhythm with the whole. That pulsation is what orgasm is all about, and orgasm is the window to samadhi.”

Osho “The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty”

Chapter #15

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  1. Jeet says:

    Beloved Ma,

    Thanks for sharing this treasure of wisdom…….these are seeds of wisdom once inside you grow until they become trees…..Jeet (Unmukta Pravah)

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